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PowerNOC Helps Slow Computer Viruses for Wireless ISPs

PowerNOC Helps Slow Computer Viruses for Wireless ISPs

Orem, Utah (PRWEB) August 19, 2005

Computer viruses can be a constant battle for small Wireless ISPs. If a customer's computer is infected with a computer virus, it can mean disaster for the ISP's network. It can even shut the Internet down for customers who don't have viruses. PowerNOC has recently developed a tool that will help slow these viruses.

When a computer is infected with a virus, it typically blasts the network with hundreds of tiny packets each second. Wireless ISPs have it harder then other ISPs like DSL and cable because Wireless ISPs use equipment that cannot handle the packet rate that wired equipment can. A virus can usually send packets faster than the wireless equipment can process them, which can cause a single computer virus to shut down the Internet on an entire wireless network. One virus can use up all available packets.

Most Wireless ISPs (sometimes called WISPs) put an outdoor wireless access point on a high tower. This access point can transmit a wireless Internet signal within a 2-5 mile radius. Customers who want Internet have the ISP come to their home and put an outdoor radio, which looks like a satellite dish, on their house. An Ethernet cable is then run from the radio to the inside of the customer's home, where they connect a computer for Internet access.

PowerNOC has recently developed a software tool to put on the radio at the customer's home that limits the amount of packets per second that can be transmitted to the access point. This is called "Packet Rate Limiting."

PowerNOC is now shipping an outdoor radio that has this technology built into it. Now, when a computer has a virus the packet rate limiter will keep the packets transmitted to the access point within normal limits.

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About PowerNOC:

PowerNOC was established in 2001 to help Wireless ISPs become successful. Wireless ISPs make up a small, but fast growing group that provide high speed Internet. PowerNOC has developed many hardware and software tools to help Wireless ISPs.


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