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New Sony & Panasonic DVD Recorders from Scientific Vision Systems Allow Medical Imaging Systems to Go Digital and Paperless

New Sony & Panasonic DVD Recorders from Scientific Vision Systems Allow Medical Imaging Systems to Go Digital and Paperless

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) September 11, 2005

Scientific Vision Systems today announced immediate availability of two new medical grade DVD Recorders, one from Sony, the other from Panasonic. The Sony DVO-1000MD is the only medical grade DVD recorder that features a built-in hard drive while the Panasonic LQ-MD800 records directly to the DVD.

The Sony unit uses DVD+RW media, which allows the user to eject the DVD in less than two minutes following completion of recording. This represents a significant time savings versus the typical 5 to 15 minute wait time. Thus, patient workflow is uninterrupted. The unit also features a significant data recovery feature called DVORECOVERY in the form of a built-in 80 GB hard drive. The DVO-1000MD simultaneously records to both the hard drive and the DVD+RW disc. In the event of power failure or other disruption, the technician can recapture the video from the hard drive with only a maximum video loss of four seconds.

The Panasonic unit utilizes DVD-RAM or DVD-R discs. Panasonic's DVD RAM discs are housed in a protective cartridge, perfect for storing patient data in potentially unfavorable medical environments. Both units record in either NTSC or PAL formats.

According to Ben Stluka, Medical Imaging Sales Manager for Scientific Vision Systems, “These DVD recorders are intended to replace outdated VCR technology, which is rapidly disappearing. Either of these units will serve as a drop-in replacement for legacy or newer ultrasound, endoscopy, or other medical imaging systems with a video output. These recorders allow medical facilities to further the transition to fully digital, paperless imaging operations.”

Stluka further notes that an article that appeared in the June 20, 2005 issue of Time Magazine points to an e-health, all-digital paperless medical practice. To quote the article, “The U.S. government is leading this charge into the medical information age--robustly and, by most accounts, effectively--because it pays 46% of the nation's medical bills. Dr. Mark McClellan, former head of the FDA and now director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is making paperless medicine mandatory for physicians who want to participate in the agency's potentially remunerative pay-for-performance scheme.” *

Medical facilities and imaging equipment manufacturers who would like more information can contact Scientific Vision Systems for more information at (760) 929-8133 or the company's website at:

About Scientific Vision Systems: Located in Carlsbad, CA, Scientific Vision Systems is one of the largest distributors of medical video equipment in the United States. The company distributes for such leading manufacturers as Sony, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Hitachi, and JVC.

*Used with permission from Time Magazine.



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