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Multiprocessing HYDRA Game Console Packs a Punch for Students and Hobbyists

Multiprocessing HYDRA Game Console Packs a Punch for Students and Hobbyists

Silicon Valley (PRWEB) December 6, 2006

Andre' LaMothe Computer Scientist and best selling game development author has created yet another game system following up his XGameStation released 2 years ago -- the HYDRA. The HYDRA Game Console is based on Parallax Inc.'s new "Propeller Chip" (designed by Chip Gracey) which is full blown multiprocessor with 8 independent cores and basic graphics hardware support built in. The HYDRA Game Console comes in "kit" form pre-assembled with everything needed to develop games, graphics, and media applications on the system.

Users will immediately appreciate the retro feel and simple interfacing of the system which is programmed via the PC using a high level language named SPIN (similar to BASIC) and / or Assembly language. The programs are then downloaded to the HYDRA via a USB cable and flashed into memory. There's also an implementation of "Tiny BASIC" for the HYDRA, so users can program without the use of the PC just like the old vintage 8-bit systems such as the Atari, Apple, C64, and TRS80.

Moreover, users are not left to figure the HYDRA out by themselves; in true LaMothe fashion he has written a 900+ page book to go along with the kit that covers the Propeller chip, the HYDRA, and game development from the ground up. The book titled "Game Programming for the Propeller Powered HYDRA" comes with the kit in hard copy form, so no hurting your eyes reading PDFs! In the words of the designer...

"The HYDRA system is designed to be a complete gaming platform for those that want to learn about game development from the ground up while understanding every single component of both the hardware and software. This is nearly impossible to do with today's modern game consoles like the PS3, XBox, Wii or the PC itself, there are so many layers of hardware and software, its frustrating not knowing what's going on. The HYDRA gives programmers new and old an opportunity to experiment, play and learn with something that they control every bit of and can be understood completely. Moreover, the HYDRA is not only a game console, but a full blown computer with keyboard, mouse, game controller, cables, and power supply and more all included. Thus, its a complete edutainment package that not only is great for learning game development, but one of the only systems in existence in its price range than has a real multiprocessing core to it " - Andre' LaMothe.

The HYDRA Game Console Kit is on sale now at XGameStation Site.



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