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Lxadmin/HyperVM Finds High Adoption in the Industry

Lxadmin/HyperVM Finds High Adoption in the Industry

(PRWEB) September 28, 2007

Some of the largest vps vendors in the industry are taking advantage of Lxadmin/HyperVM to offer their customers a unique webhosting experience, Lxlabs ( announced today., established in 2004, one of the oldest and well known vps vendors is using hyperVM to centrally manage their entire Xen server farm. "With more than 1500 Xen vpses on more than 80 servers, we needed a customizable solution that would be stable and scale up efficiently. What really made us select hyperVM was Lxlabs team's fast response. HyperVM was so flexible, we were able to get specific features implemented within days time," said Brian Hays of vpsland., another of the premier vps vendors, with data centers in both UK and US, manages more than 900 openvz/Xen vpses centrally on hyperVM. But more than that, a2b2 has seen their business grow exponentially because of high demand for the memory optimized Lxadmin HostInAbox, which provides a feature complete web hosting platform running on mere 15MB RAM. "The demand for Lxadmin has been pivotal in our expansion in the market, and it has enabled us to provide an end to end solution to our customers. The transparent Migration between Xen and Openvz helps us to easily cater to customer's changing demands," said Rus Foster, Manager of a2b2, another of the established UK based VPS vendors, uses hyperVM to manage more than 700 VPSes. "The extensive end user features in HyperVM has drastically cut down our support costs. HyperVM even features integrated workarounds for OpenVZ issues, and the customers can fix everything without needing to contact us. Highly Optimized functioning of HyperVM has increased efficiency of our VPS Hosting nodes and less usage of RAM and CPU resources has resulted in good growth for our Business as well as our customers," said Mark Ducadi of eUKhost.

With more than 12,000 vpses managed by hyperVM, and more than 2,000 vpses running Lxadmin, HyperVM/Lxadmin is turning out to be a major phenomena in the hosting industry. The features that make hyperVM/Lxadmin extremely attractive are: rock solid stability, unparalleled scalability, and the fast development pace, where features are added on request. HyperVM/Lxadmin provides a complete end-to-end solution with the VPS manager tightly integrated with Lxadmin, with the latter supporting apache, lighttpd, bind, djbdns, mysql, installApp and providing a complete hosting platform to manage every aspect of your VPS. HyperVM's extensive and transparent support for both hardware and software virtualization allows the vps vendors choose either of them depending on the customer requirements.


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