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LW Hancock Corporation Expands ArTrac G4 TMN Software Solution With New Graphical Reports Plug-In

LW Hancock Corporation Expands ArTrac G4 TMN Software Solution With New Graphical Reports Plug-In

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) March 1, 2004

Adding exceptional capabilities to their existing robust product line, LW Hancock Corporation has released yet another in a growing number of features for the ArTrac™ G4 Operations Support System solution for telecommunications managed networks today with the announcement of the ArTrac G4 Graphical Reports plug-in. The Graphical Reports plug-in utilizes the powerful and popular Crystal Reports suite of tools to seamlessly interface with the established ArTrac G4 telecommunications managed network system. This will enable telecom providers who use ArTrac to have stunning graphical reports available either automatically or on demand.

The ArTrac Graphical Reports Plug-In leverages the power of Crystal Reports by Business Objects® to build the professional reports customers need. Additionally, it works with the ArTrac G4 Automation Server to automate data organization, scheduling, generation, and delivery of reports. Tracking and visualizing service affecting outages, traffic analysis, fraud analysis, killer mobile, facility growth, switch faults, virtually any other report you can conceive are all possible with the ArTrac G4 Graphical Report Plug-In. Clients can now view custom reports on their ArTrac G4 Desktop, from their web browser, or let ArTrac G4 schedule their reports and send them to them as a PDF, Rich Text, Word, Excel, or plain text document via e-mail.

Intuitive navigation through report directories and one-click report selection make the ArTrac G4 Graphical Reports Plug-In elegantly simple to use but powerful in delivery and functionality. As you should expect from the developers at LW Hancock Corporation, this quality report generator is able to do more than graphics. Lists, grids, textual presentation, and geographical mapping correlation are all possible. In fact, there are an unlimited number of possible reports that can save customers time and effort with this exceptionally useful tool. The Graphical Reports feature joins a growing list of other quality add-ons which includes 2-way E-Mail Notification, Real Time Performance and Mainframe Access plug-ins for the ArTrac G4 systems.

About LW Hancock Corporation:

L.W. Hancock Corporation specializes in ultra high reliability Telecommunications Managed Network products for the telecom industry and is leading the way with the most technologically advanced telecommunications network fault and data management platform, the ArTrac ™ G4 system. The L.W. Hancock team has over 25 years of industry experience developing award-winning products, many of which helped to shape the industry. L W Hancock Corporation has a growing list of global telecommunications companies that rely on our products for real-time, web enabled network quality assurance, fault and data management, and operations management systems. Visit their web site at for additional information regarding the company.


William Botos

LW Hancock Corporation

+1 702-228-9054


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