Greenlight Wireless Announces Release of Skweezer Webmaster Edition

Greenlight Wireless Announces Release of Skweezer Webmaster Edition

IRVINE, CA (PRWEB) September 1, 2004

Greenlight Wireless Corporation today announced the release of Skweezer® Webmaster Edition, a downloadable server component that allows Web site administrators to serve handheld-ready versions of their existing content.

Skweezer Webmaster Edition provides webmasters with the ability to dynamically optimize static and dynamic HTML content for viewing on wireless-enabled handheld devices, such as mobile phones and PDA’s. Skweezer Webmaster Edition automatically detects handheld clients and then converts outgoing HTML to XHTML, optimizing elements that are troublesome for wireless devices and reformatting content for easier viewing and navigation. Skweezer Webmaster Edition utilizes the same award-winning technology that powers Greenlight Wireless’ Skweezer Service and is completely transparent to the content provider’s desktop visitors.

Skweezer Webmaster Edition is a “plug and play” wireless solution, which requires only a couple of minutes to install and activate, and can be used on any Web domains hosted on the server. Skweezer Webmaster Edition works on servers running Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 2003, and XP Professional operating systems, with IIS version 4.0 or better and .NET Framework version 1.1 or better.

Skweezer Webmaster Edition can be purchased online at for USD$ 299.00 (per CPU), which includes a no-obligation 7-day trial period. More information about Skweezer Webmaster Edition can be found on the Greenlight Wireless Web site at

About Greenlight Wireless:

Greenlight Wireless is a leading innovator of wireless technologies, providing ASP and server-component solutions for enterprise-level businesses and wireless carriers. Greenlight Wireless’ consumer-oriented Skweezer service optimizes Web content for wireless-enabled handheld devices. Greenlight Wireless provides value to partners and licensees by leveraging its robust and proven technologies across diverse platforms and operating systems.

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