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1Apr/110 Announces Grand Opening – Offers various Types of Notebooks and Computer Accessories Announces Grand Opening - Offers various Types of Notebooks and Computer Accessories

(PRWEB) July 30, 2005 announces grand opening and offers various types of notebooks and computer accessories including Fujitsu lifebook series notebooks, memory storage, Bluetooth devices and more. This online super store provides detail categorizations to help customers to quickly locate computer notebooks and accessories.

As the computer price becomes lower nowadays, more people put their eyes on computer notebooks. Computer notebooks are light, small and convenient compared to home PC. They are getting more involved to people’s lives. To help customers buy a valuable computer notebook and its accessories, Fashionable Alyssa uses special designed search engine and detail categorizations to help users to locate their desired products. For example, our store carries Fujitsu lifebook series computer notebooks. With clear categories and search engine, customers can easily locate any model in Fujitsu lifebook series and all of its accessories including RAM, batteries and carry cases. Thus users would not only get computer notebooks when they are browsing, they could also get all other related accessories. This one site shopping service saves customers hours on browsing all related items in other sites for their desired computer notebooks.

Not only computer notebooks and related items, Fashionable Alyssa also carries other devices and accessories -- Bluetooth and wireless devices. One of the most annoying problems that people may meet when using computer notebook is the wire. Mouse, ac adapter, network cable and external floppy/cd-rom, all these devices may mass up together because of wires. Devices with Bluetooth and wireless technologies could assist users to get rid of these problems. Our mega store offers various kinds of devices with Bluetooth, wireless and infrared technologies that allow users to concentrate on their work instead of the massy wires.


Fashionable Alyssa aims to provide customers wide range of computer notebooks and all other accessories. This store also carries memory storages such as Compact Flash Card, Secure Digital memory card and more. For more information, please visit


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