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Eracent Announces Advanced Software Metering Functionality

Eracent Announces Advanced Software Metering Functionality

Ottsville PA, (PRWEB) September 12, 2005

Eracent, Inc. announced today the availability of its Active Software Metering Software (ASM). This new offering provides IT managers with the ability to collect and analyze real-time usage information of an enterprise’s hardware and software for specific machines or groups of machines, regardless of their physical location. The ASM solution transparently integrates with the software inventory information collected by Eracent’s EnterpriseAM software and the software entitlements information complied by Eracent’s EnterpriseEM software, creating reports that coordinate, on a single screen, software usage with installations and license information. Using Eracent’s flexible web-based reporting system, IT managers can access any cross section of the available data, examining all aspects of their deployed software to ensure that usage is consistent with deployed software and software license purchases are consistent with the the software usage of the enterprise.

Commenting on the new software, Ed Cartier, Eracent’s VP of Marketing said that, "Tighter IT budgets have forced organizations to look for that missing dimension of information to save money. The analysis of hardware and software utilization, combined with licensing and purchase information provides the organization with the data it needs to make better purchasing decisions and save budgetary dollars."

Product Overview:

Eracent’s fully web based Active Software Metering (ASM) solution enables organizations to understand the effectiveness of their license and hardware purchasing strategy. The software provides IT management with the tools to collect and analyze real-time usage information for specific machines or groups of machines, regardless of their physical location. Even off-shore asserts can be monitored from a central, domestic location. The software records usage for all users in the monitored environment, including multiple users on a single machine.

Each end-user machine running Active Software Metering (ASM) sends software usage data to the Eracent central server database. ASM executes on the end-user systems when the system is in use and automatically starts when the system is powered on. However, the software only needs to connect to the server periodically to upload the collected software usage data. When not communicating with the server, or when off-line, the system caches the software usage data locally in memory and to disk. When the end-user computer is operating, the software monitors and records the start and stop time of each application, calculating the total time each application was run by the user and the total time the application was in use for each hour the computer was running. The software records the data on a user-defined reporting interval, and reports total usage by application and total usage of each application per reporting hour. ASM can be configured by the administrator to track usage of all executables, all executables with exceptions, or only those executables specifically designated. CPU percentage use consumed by the software remains essentially 0% while it is active. Reports can be customized to match the client's organizational structure or unique reporting needs.

Eracent provides centralized tracking of very detailed interactive usage information, including Total Open Time, Launch Count, CPU Time, I/O Bytes, Mouse Clicks and Keystroke Count. Comprehensive reporting and querying capabilities allow users to retrieve information that they need to make sound business decisions based on usage information. They can realize significant cost savings by getting the most efficient use out of existing hardware and software, gaining leverage with suppliers, and avoiding unnecessary purchases.

To operate efficiently, IT operations need to understand every aspect of their environment. Eracent’s Active Software Metering integrated with Eracent’s Entitlement Management module enables IT professionals to managers can quickly understand, what software is installed, what was purchased and what software is used. Correlating this data on a single report facilities the accurate analysis of software over or under-licensing scenarios based on entitlements and usage.

About Eracent

Eracent Inc. develops and sells a comprehensive suite of IT asset management solutions for enterprise level organizations. Serving all industries in both domestic and international markets, Eracent’s core business strategy has been, and continues to be, to develop technologies that provide a rapid return, ease of use and complete access to the precise data needed by IT professionals to manage complex IT infrastructures. To learn more about Eracent, visit, or send e-mail to

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