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Epiphan Systems Releases Improved KVM2USB Device

Epiphan Systems Releases Improved KVM2USB Device

(PRWEB) May 28, 2008

Epiphan Systems' KVM2USB is a compact external device that conveys the VGA stream from any host computer to a laptop, while emulating the laptop's keyboard and mouse outputs. It is made to be a complete replacement for a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. KVM2USB works with virtually any computerized machine or embedded system, including servers, medical devices and ATMs.

Since KVM2USB's release in February, 2006, Epiphan has received many comments from customers on ways to improve this device. Today Epiphan releases a new version of the KVM2USB with the following improvements:

    Frame rate of at least 30fps at all resolutions up to 1280x1024.
    Progressive-scan imaging.
    Faster boot-up time to allow for access to system BIOS.
    On-board RAM buffer.
    Epiphan's proprietary integrated lossless precompression technology.
    Instant keystroke/mouse response.
    USB and PS/2 keyboard and mouse support.

The new KVM2USB retains the physical characteristics of the old version, including color and size. There is now an optional power supply (included) that can be connected to the KVM2USB should the user find that the USB power provided by the host computer is not sufficient to run the device.

Despite all the improvements, the price of the new KVM2USB has remained unchanged at US$ 399.95. If you would like to inquire further or purchase the device, please visit the Epiphan KVM2USB product page or contact us at:

E-mail: info(at)

Phone: + 1 (877) 599-6581

International Phone: + 1 (613) 599-6581

Fax: + 1 (613) 482-4613


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