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Eminent Microsystems Expands Windows CE and XP Embedded Capabilities with Embedded Systems Framework Support

Eminent Microsystems Expands Windows CE and XP Embedded Capabilities with Embedded Systems Framework Support

Portland, OR (PRWEB) January 4, 2007

EmINENT Microsystems Inc., a leader in Advanced Embedded Technologies, today announced expanded Embedded Systems Framework™ (ESF) support for Windows® CE and XP Embedded® from Microsoft.

The innovative ESF real-time OS abstraction architecture eliminates duplicate engineering efforts currently needed to write code for Windows Embedded systems and intelligent peripheral devices. By enabling the same code to run on both platforms, development costs and time to market are reduced greatly. The same OS abstractions can also run directly as a true micro real-time kernel. Build intelligent peripherals that glue to your main embedded CE or XP CPU via serial channels and flexibly move and cross-compile application components between the main and the peripheral CPU without any #ifdefs in your code. Use efficient, portable ESF protocols to enable reliable port to port communications or virtual network access.

The ESF Signal Base™ toolkit provides a wealth of real time signal processing functions with fixed-point arithmetic options for all algorithms. OS and platform independent data structures and algorithms speed development of a wide range of resource-constrained applications requiring computationally efficient and/or algorithmically sophisticated signal processing. Applications that can benefit include Medical Equipment, Sensor systems, and Industrial Controllers.

"We are very pleased to work with Microsoft in providing customers expanded design flexibility," says Christopher Brown, President of Eminent Microsystems. "Our technologies re-define efficiency for embedded system development."

ESF™ software functions are organized into intuitively and conceptually familiar library hierarchies, so that you can quickly learn the available functions and find the components that you need. The result is a powerful set of building blocks that accelerates application development and maximizes the reuse and cross project leveraging engineering investments.

About EmINENT Microsystems

EmINENT Microsystems is a premier provider of advanced Device Software Optimization (DSO) software and design services to the global market. Our technologies enable next generation smart devices and embedded applications such as medical devices, digital signal processing, consumer devices, wireless products, remote monitoring and sensor networks. EmINENT Microsystems accelerates the product development cycle and reduces overall project costs. Discover the EmINENT advantage.

About the Microsoft Windows Embedded Family

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in providing adaptable and scalable platforms for building next generation connected devices that enable rich applications and services. Microsoft Windows Embedded is a family of operating system software for use in embedded devices such as automated teller machines (ATMs), consumer electronics, gateways, industrial controllers, kiosks, mobile handheld devices, point-of-sale terminals, set-top boxes, voice over Internet protocol (voice over IP) phones and Windows-based thin clients. The Windows Embedded family of operating systems consists of Windows XP Embedded, which delivers the power of Windows XP Professional in componentized form for flexible development of reliable and advanced devices, and Windows CE .NET, an advanced, real-time operating system for small-footprint devices.

To learn more, please contact:

Christopher Brown

(503) 238-7530


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