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Dell’s Dirty Little Secret: Adding Memory is Easy — Unique ?Check My System? Memory Finder at 4 All Memory website saves tens of thousands of PC lives each month.

Dell's Dirty Little Secret: Adding Memory is Easy -- Unique “Check My System” Memory Finder at 4 All Memory website saves tens of thousands of PC lives each month.

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) March 6, 2006

If the major computer manufacturers—Dell, Toshiba, IBM, HP/Compaq, Apple—had it their way, we would all buy a new desktop or notebook computer every few years. Annoyed by a once-fast machine that is now sluggish or performing poorly, that’s exactly what many of us do. But should we?

According to Larry Magid from, probably not. In a recent article, he suggested that a memory upgrade may be all that’s needed to turn a cursable computer into a top performer again, saying: “Speaking of memory, you can never have enough of it. Many people have PCs and Macs that have 128 or 256 megabytes of memory. Unless they plan to get rid of those computers soon, they can enjoy increased performance and reliability by upgrading the memory to 512 MB or even a gigabyte.”

Up until now, most computer owners have been squeamish about even the easiest upgrades to their computer. But with the help of companies like 4 All Memory, it’s not only fast and easy, but as Magid states, “It's a very inexpensive way to get a lot more mileage out of their PC.” He suggests that his readers “visit and try out the site's "check my system" command that analyzes the PC and figures out exactly what memory it has and what memory you can buy to upgrade it.”

As 4 All Memory CEO Brian Way explains, “We help tens of thousands of people each month to extend the useful life of their computer by adding RAM, the short-term memory it uses to run smoothly. And installation is easy…businessmen, school teachers, teenagers, even grandmothers are typically able to upgrade their memory in ten minutes or less.”

4 All Memory is one of those consumer-friendly companies that Dell and the likes would prefer that people not discover. Why? Well, not only is upgrading the memory in an older computer smart, but even new computer buyers can save with 4 All Memory. Instead of buying additional memory from Dell at the time of purchase, more and more consumers are turning to 4 All Memory for additional RAM when they buy new equipment, avoiding the high mark-up on memory modules and other accessories from the manufacturers.

“And because we offer a lifetime warranty”, says Way, “our shoppers know that their memory upgrade is just the ticket they need for improved performance at a substantial savings. If they want, we even buy their old memory.”

About 4 All Memory

4 All Memory is a St. Louis-based computer accessories online retailer. In addition to computer memory, you can also find memory for digital cameras, printers, and MP3 players, as well as hard drives and other upgrades. For more information, please visit


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