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CompAmerica Introduces Industry Leading 17 Inch Laptop Models with Extreme Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon 64 CPUs – Extraordinary Features at an Extremely Modest Price

CompAmerica Introduces Industry Leading 17 Inch Laptop Models with Extreme Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon 64 CPUs - Extraordinary Features at an Extremely Modest Price

(PRWEB) September 2, 2004

The new Laptop models: "Orca Extreme" (more info: ), offer a choice of the new Intel Pentium 4 Extreme CPU with up to 4MB L3 Cache, 800MHz (and future 1066MHZ) Front Side Bus, at speeds up to 3.6GHz, as well as the newest AMD 64-Bit AMD64 processors, with speeds of 3000+ and up. Performance equaling or even exceeding top of the line desktop PCs is possible, in a convenient Mobil design weighing in under 10 pounds.

Each Laptop model includes a built-in ATI Radeon Mobile M10-P+ Video Processor with 256M SGRAM, built-in Video Camera and Cable Ready TV Tuner, built-in Subwoofer Speaker and four (4) channel quadraphonic Dolby speaker system with "extreme boost" amplifier incorporating environmental refinements, allowing it to emulate the audio quality of any listening environment from a padded living room to the Hollywood Bowl.

The models include built-in 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet for maximum compatibility with any business, college or home network - Cable modem - DSL modem or router, built in 7-in-1 Flash Memory Reader, built-in Firewire IEEE1394 port for handheld video cams and recorders / printer, built-in dual USB 2.0 480 MBPS high speed hubs for nearly any peripheral, and built-in Wireless Technology supporting the emerging 802.11g/b Turbo standard at speeds up to 108MBPS. An optional Bluetooth adapter is available as an option. The new G-Turbo standard greatly increases network throughput to exceed that of a 100BaseT Full Duplex connection, insuring maximum compatibility with future network requirements.

The new models support up to 4GB of DDRAM, choice of 40, 60 and 80G Hard Drives at speeds up to 7200 RPM, and choice of 4x or 8x DVD+/-RW Video/CD Rewriter, or 24x/16x CDRW/DVD Combo Drive that records CDR, rewrites CDRW and plays CDs and DVDs in virtually any format.

The screens being offered include a new "Glass View" "Ultra-SuperWide Viewing Angle" 17" screen in a choice of two resolutions: SXGA+ (1680x1050) and UXGA (1920x1280 avail. November). The new screens incorporate the latest ultra bright light sources, and allow viewing angles to the extreme sides of the screens. Larger than conventional HDTV Screens in the vertical dimension, the new screens play back HDTV DVDs and files, in Windows Media Player or equivalent product, allowing for a "fringe border" that can incorporate convenient on the screen controls that retract without interfering with viewing enjoyment. The "Glass View" feature creates the impression that the screens are made of 100% clear optical glass, insuring no "whiteout" and nearly 100% rejection of sunlight or fluorescent lights shining on the screen, virtually eliminating any glare.

Rounding out the Orca Extremes, are the use of a wide laptop keyboard with full size, natural keys, solid reflex design, including a true numeric keypad, perfect for accounting activities, and a touchpad that disables while typing and re-enables when typing halts. In additional to allowing tap commands, the touchpad includes a scrolling rocker button and two primary buttons, and can also scroll under finger tip control on the pad.

Standard operating system support includes all Microsoft Windows operating systems and most Linux systems.


CompAmerica, an industry leader in high availability computing and high reliability service programs, may be reached by toll free number at 888-ASK-CSS-1 (888-275-2771) or locally at 908-931-1200. Email: For more information and custom pricing please contact the company.

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