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Barcode Games Announces Major Professional Football Simulator (PFS) Update!

Barcode Games Announces Major Professional Football Simulator (PFS) Update!

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 2, 2010

Barcode Games Announces Major Professional Football Simulator (PFS) Update.

What is Professional Football Simulator?

Professional Football Simulator is a text-based simulation game for the PC from Barcode Games. PFS allows players to own, operate, and coach a football team by simulating a single season or dozens of seasons. Players are in complete control of many team functions, including player drafting, free agency, roster moves, lineup setting, and play calling. The game allows significant customization of leagues including choosing from many popular league formats, financial models, and both modern and historical teams and players.

The latest feature to be added to the game is Career mode. This new mode allows players to take control of a single team and compete against other teams in the league. The CPU can be a challenging opponent and you must game plan at a high degree to compete in the league. Your player evaluation and drafting skills will have to be sharp as you seek to maximize the talent of your roster through the annual draft and free agency. Finances also come into play in Career mode. Will you sign the high priced veteran free agent or build your team up with moderately priced talent. Is that aging QB worth a 3 year extension? Better choose correctly if you want to stay at the top!

In Online leagues players can enlist other online friends to participate in a multi-player league and compete against one another. Online leagues allow for commissioner features, such as importing and exporting game files, creating and publishing HTML, and managing the roster moves and trades between teams. The HTML is highly customizable allowing leagues to change color schemes and the look and feel of their league pages.

In Sandbox mode the player is allowed to take control of as many teams as desired and controls all aspects of the league. Seasons can be simulated in seconds allowing players to replay past seasons or explore what-if scenarios.

Key Features

    Sandbox mode, Career Mode, or Online mode
    Fast, accurate, and easy to use game engine
    Detailed statistics, box scores, records, and league history
    Unique 2D game play by play screen that allows you to "see" the on-field action
    Realistic game schedules, now including Preseason games
    Built in upload/export of team settings for online league mode
    Custom league formats and expansion
    Active User Community and Forum
    Custom Mods for real players, real draft classes, and real teams both modern and historical
    HTML, CSV, and Access DB output



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