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Author, Movie Producer, and Columnist, Kristin Alexandre Announces the Release of Nuncio, the First in her Graphic Novel Series

Author, Movie Producer, and Columnist, Kristin Alexandre Announces the Release of Nuncio, the First in her Graphic Novel Series

Ezra and Edith as Nuncio and Coil are lured inside Illustrations by Tom Loepp

Far Hills, NJ (PRWEB) February 23, 2011

The curtain opens in 1915 on the Irish Sea. Nuncio, an African Grey Parrott, narrates the love story-thriller -Graphic Novel surrounding the Lusitania tragedy that forced American onto the world stage. This romantic thriller by Kristin Alexandre will be released in September 2011.

Nuncio is the first book in the series, a love story and mystery surrounding the relationship between Ezra Mumma, Neci Stanley, and Edith Mumma. Ezra, an inspired composer, has fallen in love with Edith Keister, a beautiful, disturbed pianist. Neci Stanley is a seductive Gypsy. The story unfolds as passengers on board the torpedoed and sinking Lusitania panic. Memories of the Titanic cloud the minds of men and women and chaos rules. Nuncio, is released from his cage to freedom by the celebrated author of "Message to Garcia,” Elbert Hubbard. Hubbard chooses death for himself and his wife but our Gypsy heroine, Neci, fights for her life. She throws Nuncio's wooden cage overboard and jumps into the freezing water.

This love story and drama series take place between 1912-1960, a thriving and productive period for Daytonians. During World War I, heroes emerge, fighting for right and wrong, innocence and prosperity. Author Kristin Alexandre pays homage to the individuals whose creativity and engineering skills launched American into a position of World leadership in the new century. The author’s narrator, Nuncio joins Dayton’s gypsies in bemoaning the loss of wildlife and natural beauty that is inevitable with the rise of industry.

“My story begins with a violent flashforward and then we are catapulted back to 1912, an important year for Dayton. Wilbur Wright died that year at the age of 45. His brother Orville blamed Wilbur's premature death on the exhausting patent battles with aviator Glenn Curtis. This was also the year that Charles Kettering's electric ignition starter was introduced to the public by Cadillac. The dangerous car crank was now obsolete and women could master the car as well as men. Charles Kettering, The Wright Brothers and other people in the book were friends and neighbors of my grandparents, aunts, uncles and close family,” explains Alexandre.

This graphic novel is a passionate love story with drama and mystery as two lovers struggle through a trying time. It’s a tribute to Alexandre’s own family history.

“I have written three previous books about relationships. The story of Neci Stanley and Ezra Mumma evolved out of a family story. A beautiful Gypsy girl from Dayton seduced my great grandfather. The graphic novel or cartoon book format was suggested by my grown children,” continues Alexandre.

Nuncio is illustrated by Tom Loepp. “Luck played a role in finding my partner and illustrator Tom Loepp. Tom is a brilliant artist from Casper Wyoming. He knows how to breathe life into the characters,” says Alexandre.

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About Kristin Alexandre

Kristin Kuhns Alexandre is a movie producer, columnist, talk show hostess and creator and author of graphic novels and books. Her most recent graphic novel, Nuncio, is set to release soon. Other books include The Perfect Gentlemen: the Secrets Rich Girls Use to Choose the Classiest Guys, and Find a Great Guy . She is a publicist and former television newscaster and hostess of a celebrity luncheon series at The New York Yacht Club. She is currently a producer with Dahooma Productions and was a producer and hostess of "Enough Is Enough"-a syndicated issue related talk show. Alexandre was also a co-founder and speaker coordinator for the first Earth Day.



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