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Are Your Computer Activities Under Surveillance By Strangers?

Are Your Computer Activities Under Surveillance By Strangers?

Victoria, BC (PRWEB) December 16, 2005 offers leading edge spyware removal software that will protect from spyware, adware and related computer privacy issues. also offers a free spyware scanner that will detect all known spyware.

Computer users are under constant surveillance by strangers due to the existence of computer infiltrated Spyware.

Spyware may be described as any software that uses a person’s internet connection as a backdoor approach intended to access personal or business information, without the knowledge or consent of the computer user

Spyware is often introduced into computers when people download files off the internet. File sharing can pose risks of spyware download, when people download music, movie or other types of p2p file sharing programs. People must also beware of freeware, shareware downloads if they wish to enjoy computer usage without the risk of spyware.

Spyware can also be introduced along with bundled software bought off a retail shelf.

A good suggestion would be to eliminate freeware or shareware programs that a person downloads through the internet and to reduce the number of hours spent using the internet. It seems that people that spend many hours online are more prone to spyware downloads.

Spyware that has infiltrated a computer may contain bugs that cause computer errors while the computer is in use. Spyware bugs can freeze a computer or slow down its response time A sluggish computer may be a tell tale sign of spyware infestation. Browser Hijacking can serve as another clue that spyware exists in a computer.

Marketing and promotional companies use spyware as an effective tool, to access and collect information from computers . Spyware enables them to observe sites being visited, products being bought, chat line discussions, topics of interest, online searches by the user and the information obtained, allows the marketing company to direct targeted products or services. Spyware revolves around information going out to promotional companies and related advertisements coming in via the internet by way of email or pop-ups ads.

Needless to say that spyware poses an immense threat to any computer user and can lead to the loss of privacy, stolen identity and financial risks. Spyware is a comprehensive term that includes adware,a trojan horse, a browser hijacker, keyloggers, and dataminers all of which affect online privacy.

The best way to protect from spyware is to install spyware removal software. The use of anti-spyware software serves as an effective tool against spyware. Anti-spyware programs should be able to scan and detect all known spyware and remove any spyware found during the scanning process. A Free Spyware Scanner that detects all known spyware is available at

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