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7Creation Graphic Design Competition ? Final Season

7Creation Graphic Design Competition – Final Season

(PRWEB) August 5, 2006

7CREATION.COM – Among the 17 graphics submitted in the semi final season of the graphic design competition online, only the top 10 winners will be entering into the final season of the competition. is a graphic design competition online that commences since 01-Apr-2006 and has successfully completed its qualifying and semi final season with a satisfactory number of entries. 58 graphics were submitted during the qualifying season by participants from international borders such as Singapore, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Utopia, Jamaica, Lebanon, China, Indonesia, Scotland, Malaysia and more.

In addition, 17 graphics were submitted during the semi final season and the top 10 winners shall successfully grant themselves with the honor to compete again in the final. View semi final graphics at

The design theme for the final season is ‘Poster To Promote One Product / Service.’ Such theme is designed not only to test their design skills but it is also a challenge theme to encourage self marketing. They are expected not only to design attractive posters but also posters that are created to attract votes and clicks.

For the verification purpose of their authorship, designers are advised to submit the source of their artworks that shall reveal the layers and steps of the end products. The verification process is conducted normally after each season. 13 participants have successfully entered into the semi final, and 10 from the semi final have entered into the final season.

“We are expecting to see some new graphics in the final soon, so keep visiting 7Creation to check out the latest graphics in the final,” said Gary Wong, organizer of 7Creation. “The final season that is lasting from 01-Aug-2006 to 31-Aug-2006, which is the National Day of Malaysia. What a significant and meaningful milestone 7Creation has achieved to be remembered in the Labuan Internet history.”

“7Creation has received several feedbacks of similar with constructive suggestions to improvise the current voting system. The purpose is to discourage visitors from making fraudulent votes. For instance, with the current system, anyone can simply click and vote, inclusive of the participants themselves, repetitively. We are therefore doing all that we can to ensure that this will be a fair competition,” said Alvin Han, organizer of 7Creation.

The visitor / anonymous vote (25%) and member vote (35%) carry 60% of the total voting power that is even more powerful than the organizers / sponsors (40%). Hence, in order to reduce the influence of any vote fraud, 7Creation has decided to re-adjust the voting ratio commencing from this final season. That is, visitor / anonymous vote (20%) and member vote (30%) shall be reduced from 60% to 50%. The organizers voting shall increment from 40% to 50%, and hence drawing a fair margin between the public and the organizers.

7Creation is still looking for opportunity to expand the community site. The public is welcomed to write in and contribute their ideas, as the organizers are committed to bring in new features on a monthly basis. To keep yourself updated with their latest news, bookmark 7Creation at [url]/url or sign up the 7Creation newsletter from the official site.

About 7Creation.Com is a graphic design competition website created to encourage hundreds of people around the world for competition. Headed since 01 Mar 2006, by 2 young Malaysians Gary Wong and Alvin Han, 7Creation today has more than 200 international members and 75 participating graphics in competition. Within 2 months, 7Creation has proudly been recognized by major search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google with PageRank (5) as a quality website.


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