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3D Company Better than iStockphoto

3D Company Better than iStockphoto® for 3D Model

3D Model Computer Graphics

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2008

While iStockphoto® deals in mainly 2-D content, Flat Pyramid is revolutionizing the way 3D model content is distributed worldwide by providing a marketplace where ready-made 3D computer graphics such as 3D Models can be easily accessed.

3D models were once reserved for high-tech industries with big development budgets, such as computer animation/gaming and blockbuster movie visual effects. Today, 3D models are no longer just for high-tech animation, computer games and captivating movie effects. 3D models have made their way into everyday communications, such as invention showcases; architectural and product visualizations; training and event simulations; 3D maps and even the 3D Internet.

While consumers are already exposed to 3D model computer graphics in their everyday lives, most are unable to distinguish between the highly realistic 3D model computer graphics they see and the physical counterparts they represent. As consumer demand for 3D digital content continues to increase, ready-made 3D model computer graphics will be essential to making this communication tool more accessible and affordable to the average consumer.

Flat Pyramid, a 3D computer graphics resource content center headquartered in Manhattan Beach, CA, provides a solution to current 3D digital industry trend demands by revolutionizing how 3D models and other computer graphics are distributed through the management and distribution of ready-made 3D digital content for users online.

Flat Pyramid is helping make ready-made 3D computer graphics an everyday communication tool by making it more accessible to businesses and entrepreneurs in various industries. At Flat Pyramid, customers can access ready-made 3D digital content online and offline, saving them the time and cost required to create their own 3d model computer graphics. Content varies from highly finished photorealistic renderings to basic building blocks.

About Flat Pyramid

Flat Pyramid is a three-year-old company ( that is dedicated to the creation, management, promotion, and distribution of ready-made digital content and interactive media worldwide. Its online database contains thousands of existing non--exclusive, ready-made digital computer graphics for sale and free download. Flat Pyramid also provides a competitive confidential service that creates 3D digital prototypes of inventions/ideas to clearly communicate the features, benefits and design of an invention. Flat Pyramid is located in Los Angeles, California.



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