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VoIP Peering Server Is Now Available on SIPfoundry

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) August 29, 2005

The OpenOSP project is now available from SIPfoundry ( which also hosts the OSP Toolkit and RAMS projects. The Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) is an ETSI standard developed for secure inter-domain peering of IP sessions such as VoIP. The OSP specification (ETSI TS 101321) is available from

OpenOSP is an open source implementation of a server for the Open Settlement Protocol (OSP). It was developed jointly by Cisco Systems, Inc. and Data Connection Limited. The OpenOSP stack, written in C code, is intended for use both by OEMs with existing OSS solutions, and by new entrants for whom it provides a large proportion of the componentry needed to develop a standalone OSP server. For OEMs needing to integrate OSP capabilities into an existing OSS solution, the stack provides APIs to make this integration easy and to maintain existing value-add features. For new entrants, the stack ships with sample implementations of OpenOSP application functions (usage metering, authorization and routing, authentication, security, etc). Together with some other open source components, with which the stack has been extensively tested, these provide all the components required to build and deploy an OSP server.

The OSP Toolkit is a complete open source implementation of an Open Settlement Protocol client written in C code.

RAMS is a new open source OSP server project written in Java.

About TransNexus

TransNexus has been an innovator of commercial and open source VoIP Operations and Billing Support Systems (OSS/BSS) since 1997. Deployment of the TransNexus OSS/BSS solution provides wholesale VoIP carriers with an immediate increase in operational profits. Key features include Least Cost Routing, Quality of Service Routing, secure inter-domain peering, traffic analysis and control, new revenues from wholesale services, and lower cost back-office operations.

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