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Veloxum for Enterprise Provides the Industry?s First and Only Comprehensive Optimization and Remediation Solution for VDI Performance

Veloxum for Enterprise Provides the Industry’s First and Only Comprehensive Optimization and Remediation Solution for VDI Performance

Veloxum VMware Environment

Scotts Valley, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 23, 2011

Veloxum ™ Corporation, a performance management company, today announced that its Veloxum for Enterprise product has demonstrated active, continuous optimization for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) servers, with up to 50% performance improvement on optimized systems. Now, enterprises throughout the world who utilize VDI solutions, such as VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop, and others, can achieve major performance and capacity increases, and their associated cost reductions, using Veloxum to optimize their physical and virtual servers.

Veloxum for Enterprise enables its users to optimize complex physical and virtual server operating system (OS) configuration settings — allowing enterprises to realize the full potential of their IT infrastructure. Using Veloxum for Enterprise’s server OS optimizations, VDI customers can both increase worker productivity, by boosting the server performance of VDI hosts, and decrease infrastructure spending, by utilizing performance increases to increase VDI client-to-server ratios.

Only Veloxum for Enterprise actively and continuously tunes server OS settings to deliver optimum VDI host server performance and allow increased VDI client-to-server ratios. Benefits of the product include:

Determining optimal VDI host server OS settings, which increases server performance up to 50%,
Providing the performance to allow for higher VDI client-to-host ratios, which decreases CAPEX for servers and OPEX for servers’ power, cooling, and data-center footprints needs
Actively and continuously updating OS parameters in dynamic virtual environments, such as load-balanced environments, which keeps VDI performance at its peak
Providing cross-silo insights into memory, CPU, storage, and networking OS metrics that affect VDI performance, which allows organizations to demonstrate the benefits of ACO-enabled optimization
Automatically remediating VDI performance issues without the need for additional staff or subject matter experts (SME’s), which saves IT personnel costs

“Today’s customers demand performance from their applications, and businesses are always looking for the efficiencies gained from well-tuned servers. Veloxum rapidly and consistently delivers these benefits to VDI users.” said Kevin Cornell, CEO of Veloxum. “ With Veloxum, every enterprise can realize the full power and capacity of their virtual infrastructure — from the server to the virtual desktop.”

ACO-powered Veloxum optimization for physical and virtualized server infrastructure

Many organizations have invested heavily in desktop virtualization projects in order to achieve the cost savings presented to them as part of an ROI model. But without continuous tuning, the servers struggle to achieve these results. Veloxum actively and continuously tunes server settings to deliver optimum performance and virtual-to-physical densities. Veloxum’s Active Continuous Optimization (ACO) process uses patent-pending algorithms to calculate the optimum server configuration settings that improve all aspects of server-based performance. Veloxum then implements and logs these new optimal configurations, and acts as a continuous ‘tune-up’ service to configure elements automatically without requiring any user intervention or specialist skills.

In addition, Veloxum performance increases allow more virtual desktop clients per host, without increasing the number of physical servers. This leads to dramatic cost savings in terms of deferred capital expenditures on new hardware and its associated support, maintenance, power and cooling requirements, reducing its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Veloxum customers typically see a return on investment period of less than 6 months.

Veloxum for Enterprise supports optimizing most VDI server host environments, including VMware’s vSphere and ESX(i), and most major enterprise operating systems, including AIX, Linux, OSX, Solaris, and Windows. Veloxum for Enterprise also includes application-specific optimizations for popular Microsoft applications, such as Exchange, SharePoint, and SQLserver.

About Veloxum:

Veloxum’s founders started the company with the vision to apply active, continuous optimization to manage complex IT environments for optimum performance and utilization. Veloxum actively and continuously optimizes physical and virtual infrastructure by optimizing operating system and application settings. It leverages the existing systems and infrastructure by tuning the various components within their manufacturer supported settings. The solution enables IT organizations to maximize performance, increase workload density, and minimize virtualization costs, dramatically reducing CAPEX and OPEX spending.

Customers such as Adecco, Baron Funds, Beeline, CGB Group, Deutsche Bank, the United States Department of Energy, Fortress, and ISI Financial, Maimonides, PPC, and The Washington Post are enjoying significant cost savings with Veloxum. Veloxum, headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, was founded in September, 2007.

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