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Ultra-X Launches The SOHO Diagnostic Kit™

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) July 13, 2003

Ultra-X, the leading developer of specialized PC diagnostic hardware and software products, announces the release of The SOHO Diagnostic Kit.

The SOHO Diagnostic Kit includes two of Ultra-X's most popular software diagnostic packages, QuickTech Personal and WinStress Test. These two utilities are ideal for first level system troubleshooting. Both products are easy to use and understand. Perform your own system troubleshooting before you incur the high cost of calling an on-site PC technician.

QuickTech Personal (QT) is a powerful, yet easy to use, diagnostic utility that allows you to quickly and accurately troubleshoot failures in a PC’s major components. One of QT many advantages is that it is self-booting. To run the software, simply insert the QT diskette and turn on the computer. The program loads itself before any operating system is loaded.

Once the program is loaded, you can run a quick system inventory. QT provides quick and accurate diagnostics for your systems motherboard, processor, memory, hard drives, floppy drives, IDE devices, keyboard, monitor and more. The tests can be run from a simple menu system or run unattended using our automated burn-in script.

WinStress Test(W.S.T.) is an easy to use menu driven utility program that will run on Pentium, AMD and Cyrix/VIA systems. WST supports 9X/ME//2000/XP. WST performs a variety of functions including, Stress Loading, System Performance, and System Inventory. W.S.T. will simultaneously exercise all major components of the system including: CPU, FPU, MMX, RAM, Hard disks, CD ROMs/DVD/CDR, Floppy disk, 2D and 3D graphics, Sound card, graphics cards, Printers, Com ports and Network adapters.

W.S.T. will allow you to set stress levels to monitor system performance and stability. For example, you can set a very high stress level to see if Windows will crash or CPU over-clocking will have adverse effects to normal operation. Stress levels for all devices can be set at one time giving you a quick report on your system’s health.

When performing System Inventory, W.S.T. will generate a complete report of the system. The list will include data on: Display, Devices, Drivers, Network Configurations, APM, Media, Workstation, Operating System, CPU, Memory, Database Engines and Printers. This information is ideal for keeping track of your systems and all installed devices. This detailed information can be used by tech support staff for problem resolution.

The SOHO Diagnostic Kit is designed to save you time and money. Use it to quickly and accurately detect system problems. With the combination of QT and WST, you will be ready to tackle most PC failures.

Retail price $ 249.00. To receive more information contact Ultra-X at, Tel: 1-909-946-8321, 1-888-722-3734, Fax 1-909-946-7639, E-mail: You can also visit our web site at

SOHO Diagnostic Kit(SDK), WinStress Test, WST and QuickTech Personal are trademarks of Ultra-X, Inc.. Copyright 1995-2003. All rights reserved.

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