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Sharp Ideas LLC Releases CheckMyPC: A Computer Program That Helps Parents Protect Children by Detecting Inappropriate Content on Home PCs

Washington, DC (PRWEB) November 27, 2007

Computers have become essential at work and at home. More than 100 million Americans now use PCs on a regular basis. Over 40 million families have PCs connected to the Internet at home.

Unfortunately, most parents do not know what is on their computer or how their children are using the Internet. Children and teens face a growing number of risks on-line: exposure to inappropriate content (e.g. sites related to pornography, drugs, violence), on-line solicitation from predators and criminals on social networking sites, e-commerce scams and harassment. Trying to manually check a computer for risk indicators requires significant computer expertise and lots of time.

Now, however, parents can buy peace of mind with a simple computer program (CheckMyPC) that quickly identifies risky content on a home PC.

"CheckMyPC is like an X-ray machine for home PCs" says inventor Abe Usher. "This program performs thousands of automated checks against web history, Internet favorites and bookmarks, Web cache files, stored documents and photos, and installed programs to identify content unsuitable for children. In five minutes or less, CheckMyPC runs a deep system analysis and creates an easy to understand risk report that identifies all content and programs inappropriate for children and teens. Parents can use this report to understand exactly how their home PCs are really being used."

A parent himself, Usher examined existing software on the market and couldn't find any applications that help parents identify content that indicates risky computer use. Although Internet filtering applications exist to help parents block some known bad sites, Usher could not find any programs that detect inappropriate content that is already on a PC (possibly from bad websites or peer-to-peer applications like LimeWire). CheckMyPC is the first ever computer forensics program created for the consumer market.

CheckMyPC costs just $ 19.95 and may be purchased online at

For more information, call 703-955-1540.


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