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Shades of Gray: New Look for Dimmable ?Smart? Aircraft Cabin Windows

Shades of Gray: New Look for Dimmable “Smart” Aircraft Cabin Windows

SMART iShade Interior

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (PRWEB) December 2, 2010

InspecTech Aero Service, Inc. announced today that its iShade™ dimmable windows, certified and flying since 2001 on 24 different OEM and aftermarket aircraft models, have been enhanced. iShades now have a neutral color tint appearance, and have an even greater light-transmission in the clear state, and more light-blockage in the dark state.

Today’s aircraft cabin environment must control incoming daylight, glare and heat - on-board work and entertainment options require it. InspecTech’s iShades are the world’s only instantly dimmable windows flying today, and also the only to offer 100% privacy. With the simple push of a button, iShades can be precisely tuned from extremely dark, to fully clear, and to any level of view-preserving tint in between.

InspecTech’s product development program has achieved breakthroughs enabling iShades to meet even the most discerning customer requests. Using a proprietary combination of materials and systems, the new iShade smart windows include the following enhancements:

Color: iShades formerly had a blue tint in intermediate states. (This is also true of another type of dimmable window technology called electrochromic.) Some customers requested a gray tint, to complement any interior design elements. InspecTech’s iShades now have a gray tint in intermediate states, and in the dark state iShades have a very deep blue-black appearance. In addition to complementing any aircraft interior, the iShades now complement any exterior painting scheme, because the appearance is completely black.

Light-Blockage: The human eye is remarkably sensitive to visible light, particularly at high altitudes. Some customers requested greater light-blockage, and InspecTech has increased iShades’ level of light-blockage to 99.96%. This ensures that all passengers experience maximum darkness for resting.

Light-Transmission: The new iShade configuration allows for a greater amount of light transmission when the clearest state is selected. Optically clear and haze-free, when desired iShades can be electrically tuned to allow as much visible light into the cabin as traditional aircraft cabin window configurations.

The core technology behind iShades is a light-control film known as SPD-Smart™ technology. InspecTech employs this smart film under license from the developer, Research Frontiers Inc. (Nasdaq: REFR), who has spent over $ 80million developing the technology and has approximately 500 patents and patent applications worldwide. SPD-Smart film in InspecTech’s iShades provides for a range of tints (from very dark to clear) where the amount of light, glare and heat entering the cabin can be rapidly varied to any level desired. iShades use a second smart film, which offers on-demand privacy, and soft diffused lighting, at any light transmission level. Both films are operated with a simple button push, or automatically using sensors to maintain an ideal cabin light level at all times.

These smart films, and other proprietary interlayers, are laminated between thin, lightweight, shatterproof plastic. iShades can be fabricated to any size, shape and can be curved to meet the needs of the industry.

A detailed report of iShade performance characteristics, photos/videos, certification information, and technical data is available by emailing InspecTech Tech Support and requesting the iShade report.

About InspecTech Aero Service Inc.

InspecTech Aero Service is the leading aerospace innovator in design, engineering, certification, and integration of electronic switchable films for cabin light management - providing light, glare and heat control solutions for corporate jets, helicopters, transport aircraft, and military aircraft. In the cabin, InspecTech’s iShade™ light-management system transforms a standard interior into an intelligent interior - providing a more complete solution to the challenges of cabin light and glare levels than other types of shading systems. In the cockpit, InspecTech’s smart automated sun visors provide continuous light- and glare- control for pilots, all in real-time.

iShades are in use today on 24 different models of helicopters and commercial, corporate, and military aircraft. They are the industry’s only dynamic switchable window shades that are now available for any aircraft as an aftermarket install at service centers worldwide, and for new production aircraft.

Contact Information:

James Lang, President

InspecTech Aero Service, Inc.

888-570-1727 or 954-359-6766


iShade™ is a trademark of InspecTech Aero Service, Inc.

SPD-Smart™ is a trademark of Research Frontiers Inc.

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