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Secure Computing Environments & The Shodor Education Foundation To Launch Proven Program To Turn Around America’s Poor Math Performance

Secure Computing Environments & The Shodor Education Foundation To Launch Proven Program To Turn Around America's Poor Math Performance

El Dorado Hills, CA (PRWEB) March 1, 2011

Secure Computing Environments (SCE), headquartered in El Dorado Hills outside of Sacramento, CA, announced today that it is taking a stand on poor high school and college math scores and remedial education with its newly developed Interactivate + Intervention program.

The product will be launched at the Intel Learning Series Alliance Summit that is being held at The Palazzo in Las Vegas, NV from March 1-4 2011. The educational content will be provided by the Shodor Education Foundation who has great success at the elementary through college level for over fifteen years. Robert M. Panoff, Ph.D., President and Executive Director of Shodor and the National Computational Science Institute - transforming learning through computational thinking Durham, NC will be a guest panelist of the Summit where he will address the attendees on "What Education is Looking for in Technology Solutions" and on "Technology Deployments – How to do them right and pitfalls."

The Shodor Education Foundation’s collaboration with SCE is now making their materials available worldwide, whether a student has access to the internet or not. Dr, Panoff stated, “What Interactivate + will enable is a dynamic visual exploration (or re-visiting) of the whole concept of derivative, integral, limits, recursion, sequences, etc. to get some insight that may have been missing before.” He further stated, "What we have claimed and proven is that these materials in a blended instructional style can be used effectively to help remediate, with the right instructor and attitude on the part of the student.”

Interactivate + Intervention (I + I) is an innovative and intensive math intervention program that fills gaps in an individual’s math background and utilizes a blended approach that balances in-class instruction with the Web-based content of Shodor’s Interactivate.

I + I has the objective of converting students from “memorizers” to individuals who understand math concepts, returning them to their classroom with potential to succeed in the standard curriculum.

Cost- and time-effective, Interactivate + Intervention is a total program for math education throughout America. Comprehensive Protocol based training materials, videos, manuals as well as follow-up webinars and more are provided as is customization to individual organizational needs.

SCE’s protocol delivery system allows same time-different place secure instruction for this powerful intervention program developed in cooperation with The Shodor Education Foundation.

Multiple classes in various locations may be managed from a central control center using SCE proprietary software. Effective delivery of the instruction and secure, smooth data exchange of confidential student scores and records is possible due to SCE’s technological advances.

Additional information can be seen SCE’s website,


About Secure Computing Environments (SCE)

SCE is an innovative software and technology design and consulting firm with expertise in developing applications and secure, portable environments that allow applications to be processed on any operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.) without touching the registry. This allows for total anonymity and security while maintaining the ability to work on data from anywhere. The firm is an expert in cyber security and encryption and off-line solutions for cloud environments and is a founding member of Open Source for America.

Dr. Doug Stone (Maj. Gen. USMC Ret.), the SCE CEO, has led teams both on and off the battlefield. Stone began his career at Hewlett Packard before leading three software start-ups in Silicon Valley that developed new technologies, including being a pioneer in the ASP industry with Qwest CyberSolutions. In the military he was called “the silent hero of the Iraq Surge” by Senior U.S. Government Officials.

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About The Shodor Education Foundation

Our mission: to improve math and science education through the effective use of modeling and simulation technologies — “computational science.”

Shodor, a national resource for computational science education, is located in Durham, N.C., and serves students and educators worldwide. Our online education tools such as Interactivate and the Computational Science Education Reference Desk (CSERD), a Pathway Portal of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL), help transform learning through computational thinking.



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