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SecTechReports.Com Explores Key Trends and Developments in Security Technology with Sponsored White Papers, Case Studies, and Survey Research Reports

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 19, 2009

In response to growing demand for security-specific thought leadership content, BizTechReports.Com ( announces the launch of SecTechReports.Com ( The web site features sponsored articles, white papers, case studies and survey research reports on various technology topics that are produced and written by an experienced staff of industry reporters and analysts.

SecTechReports.Com is also home to a growing library of audio and video podcasts, webcasts and webinars that explore the impact security technologies have on the organizations that deploy them. Projects currently in the works include security impact analyses of security technology developments in various vertical industry segments (such as healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services) as well as the government sector (state, local and federal).

"We are taking the successful business and editorial model our sponsors and readers have enjoyed in BizTechReports.Com, and are applying to the specific discipline of security technology management," says Lane F. Cooper, founder and editorial director of BizTechReports.Com. "We will continue to apply the best practices of independent reporting and work with our sponsoring organizations to produce consultative content that puts technology into a decision-making context that end-users can understand and apply."

SecTechReports.Com works with sponsors to produce authoritative, credible and objective White Papers, Monographs, Independent Field Surveys and Case Studies that:

Contribute to the target market's body of knowledge through primary and secondary research conducted by the editors of SecTechReports.Com.

Generate high-quality registrants as target audiences download each SecTechReport.

Highlight the thought leadership position sponsors through SecTechReport.Com interviews with key executives, partners, and customers

"In order to present material in a credible, authoritative and objective manner, we interview analysts, association executives, and academic researchers to validate and confirm key value propositions covered in our reports," explains Steve Lee, managing editor of SecTechReports.Com. "In this way, we can provide readers with solid research on the emerging tools, tactics and techniques that support the information assurance strategies of public and private sector organizations."

About BizTechReports.Com (

BizTechReports.Com, the parent company of SecTechReports.Com, is an independent reporting agency with offices in Washington, DC and the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to analyzes user trends in business technology. We explore the role that technology products and services play in the overall economy and/or in specific vertical industries. Our business technology reports are often based on independent field surveys. These studies provide a foundation for performing gap analyses that highlight the capabilities of existing technology investments and compare them against emerging requirements in the market. For more information visit: and

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