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Rentec Direct Property Management Software Now Provides Permanent Safekeeping of Records

Rentec Direct Property Management Software Now Provides Permanent Safekeeping of Records

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Grants Pass, OR (Vocus/PRWEB) March 01, 2011

Behind their clients, a property manager’s data is their most important asset. In today’s slow economic environment many companies, not just property managers, have relaxed on their data security budget. It might be as simple as not being able to afford the computer technician who used to frequent the office and make sure backups were running well, or the managed systems subscription that no longer seems affordable. These are easy items to cut in a slow economy because their value is never seen until it’s actually needed; very similar to insurance. The difference is that while insurance is mandated by the industry, a computer backup policy often is not. Rentec Direct introduces a completely free, a solution for all property managers and landlords to quickly and securely backup their data.

“A loss of a property manager’s client data to a system failure or security breach can be absolutely catastrophic to a company,” said Nathan Miller, President of Rentec Direct. “It can be more important than insurance because data loss is so much more common than needing insurance.”

Rentec’s property management software brings property managers two levels of data security. First, for landlords using Rentec’s application to track income and expenses, the data entered is automatically archived to multiple locations using high-grade encryption to ensure absolute data integrity. Second, even if a property manager does not use Rentec’s management software for day to day operations, Rentec offers a file backup utility which can accept backup files from any management platform on the planet. It is as simple as uploading the backup file and it is saved securely on an online backup server which can be retrieved any time in the event it becomes necessary.

Rentec Direct also offers these proven strategies for all property managers to improve data security.

1) Keep consistent backups. Computers have a reliable lifespan of 3-5 years and most companies’ computers are far older than this. Every day thousands of companies lose critical data when these computer components give up. Keeping consistent backups of data is an absolute requirement in today’s environment.

2) Keep all computers in your office and home updated with the latest security updates and virus definitions. Windows and windows based applications, in use by most businesses, have major security flaws found almost every week. That is why there are security patches weekly to fix critical flaws which often can allow remote hackers to gain access to your system from anywhere in the world. Be sure to apply updates to your computer and programs as they become available or you may be inviting hackers into your system.

3) Always password protect, and ideally encrypt, sensitive information. It only takes accidentally going to the wrong website, or an unfortunate break-in, to make all the data on your computer available to the world. Be certain that you use a strong password consisting of a minimum of 8 characters, both upper and lower case, and ideally a number or special character as well. The stronger your password, the less likely your data can be stolen. An extra recommended layer of security is to encrypt the valuable data on your computers using a reliable commercial or open source encryption solution.

The above tips will help keep a property manager’s data secure; however, another important aspect to data is making sure it is accessible. Rentec provides secure access to property management data, tenant screening data, and other records from anywhere in the world through an encrypted web interface which works on all modern web browsers and mobile platforms including mobile phones, the iPad and other tablets.

For more information about property management and data security, visit Rentec Direct’s property management blog at

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