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17Mar/110 Launches to Help Computer Users Fix Common Errors and Optimize their PC’s Launches to Help Computer Users Fix Common Errors and Optimize their PC's

British Columbia, Canada (PRWEB) May 26, 2008 has just announced its launch and availability to the general public. The website service aims to provide solutions to owners of computers plagued by problems such as freezing, crashing and an unnecessarily slow rate of performance. A lot of people purchase expensive PC's and laptops with lots of memory installed but after months of using these products, problems start to occur and these problems can be very frustrating for computer owners. helps these computer owners resolve these problems rather efficiently by focusing on the root cause of the problems and not just the symptoms. There are many reasons why computers experience performance problems and unlike most antivirus vendors would like such users to believe, not all of these problems are caused by malicious software.

PC's and laptops can slow down, freeze or crash for a variety of reasons such as the running of too many applications when there isn't enough memory available for that purpose, hard disks which are too fragmented and corrupt registry entries from incomplete installations and unnecessary drivers. Computers may also experience these problems due the most popular reason often touted by most computer experts, the presence of malicious programs on a computer system such as spyware, adware and viruses which infect computers through a variety of methods and means. offers various tips on how to improve computer performance and this goes beyond simply addressing the reasons for a computer's problems but addressing other issues that may have resulted due to such problems. also offers recommendations in terms of free and paid tools which can help computer owners achieve the goal of having computers that perform to optimal capacity.

PC performance problems can result in more serious circumstances which can cause financial loss and other issues which may prove detrimental to the computer owner. offers such computer owners the opportunity to regain the efficiency that their computers have lost due to a variety of reasons.

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About is an online website and service that helps computer owners determine and resolve problems which result in their computers performing below expectations. Common problems most computer owners experience include speed issues, freezing and crashing, provides a variety of solutions to help resolve these problems.

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