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Pug Servers Launches Sub-$1000 Server for Small Businesses

Pug Servers Launches Sub-$ 1000 Server for Small Businesses

(PRWEB) January 26, 2005

Highly configurable hardware and "appliance-like" software paired with a sub-$ 1000 price tag makes Pug Servers a winner in the small business server market.

Here’s what it does: The Pug plugs directly into your network just like another PC. Point your web browser at its easy-to-use web interface and you can control your newly installed server just like a system admin without the special training. Once up and running you can let all users on your network share their files safely and easily. You can even let telecommuting workers access the Pug from any computer on the Internet. Worried about a broken hard drive? The Pug uses RAID technology to keep two copies of your data at any time. Need to keep a spare backup off-site? Plug in a USB hard drive and you have a portable copy of your data that you can store in a safe place.

What makes the Pug unique? Unlike other appliance solutions you aren’t stuck with low-powered, proprietary hardware. "Pugs are like the Mercedes Benz of small business servers. It's well built, highly reliable and yet you can tailor it to fit your needs. If you want faster hard drives, add Serial ATA. For more space, choose RAID 5. You tell us what you need and we’ll ensure the hardware and software work in harmony without the custom price tag," says Steve Martin, CEO of Pug Servers.

Some users ask how Pug Servers keeps the price so low. The answer is simple. Most custom solutions rely on companies such as Microsoft for their software. We use free, open source components, built by engineers from Sun, IBM, and others around the world. We focus on making these technologies easy-to-use and couple it with reliable, name-brand hardware. The result is high-quality software without the Microsoft "tax".

The Pug is compatible with Microsoft, Mac OS X, and Linux PC’s. Some feature upgrades include larger hard drives, RAID 5, removable drive-bays, more RAM, and faster processors. The Pug is ideal for small businesses with two or more networked computers who want to improve and secure data storage and information flow in their organization.

Pug Servers is a small company founded by MIT alumni who want to make technology easier for everyone. Inspired by the simplicity of the Linksys 10/100 SOHO router they set out to build a RAID appliance that is as easy to use as a toaster. Thus was born: The Pug.

The newest Pug Server is available now online at For more information, or to purchase a Pug, visit or email

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