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PrismTech Launches the BLEND-Box: a Disruptive Integration Technology for Mission and Business-Critical System of Systems

PrismTech Launches the BLEND-Box: a Disruptive Integration Technology for Mission and Business-Critical System of Systems

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Woburn, MA (PRWEB) March 8, 2011

ATC Global 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands — March 08, 2011 — PrismTech™, a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware, today announced the ‘BLEND-Box™’, a new disruptive integration technology for mission- and business critical systems based on the Data Distribution Service for Real-time Systems (DDS) high-performance, low-latency publish/subscribe middleware technology.

Mission- and business-critical systems are increasingly relying on the Object Management Group™’s (OMG™) DDS as the underlying high-performance middleware technology of choice for distributing and managing data. As a result there is a growing need for (1) scalable, efficient and effective integration of DDS-based systems into system of systems, (2) seamless integration of DDS-based systems with technologies typically found on IT Enterprise Systems, such as the Java Message Service (JMS) and Web Services, and (3) flexible and agile integration with technologies usually found at the foundation of Internet applications, such as REST, XMPP, etc.

Technologies currently available today for performing these integration tasks, such as ‘Enterprise Service Bus’ (ESB), do not provide a real solution for the integration of mission- or business-critical systems because of a non-scalable point-to-point integration approach, and because of the inefficiency and lack of any kind of Quality of Service (QoS) preservation and transformation.

The requirements driven by Systems of Systems and the increasing need to share information across multiple systems and technologies means these limitations are not sustainable either from a cost or a time-to-market perspective.

PrismTech’s BLEND-Box will address the problem of making data seamlessly flow across systems and technologies while adapting format, content and QoS. The BLEND-Box is the best choice for integrating DDS-based systems with other messaging technologies, such as JMS, as well as for integrating with proprietary and Web Technologies such as W3C Web Services and RESTful Web Services.

BLEND-Box comes with off-the-shelf support for more than eighty connectors including the OpenSplice Real-Time Wire Protocol, the OMG DDSI, the upcoming Ultra-Large Scale DDSI, as well as transports that are standard in Enterprise and Web applications. In addition, the BLEND-Box provides a framework for developing connectors to other transports, thus greatly simplifying the integration of systems based on custom or proprietary technologies. At its heart there is a very efficient Routing and Transformation Engine that can manipulate the data format, transform its content and adapt the QoS between the incoming and outgoing data-flows.

BLEND-Box is a green field development with two key design objectives; ease of use/deployment and high performance. The architecture minimizes the overhead introduced by the extra-hop and ensures that BLEND-Box readily exploits modern multi-core architectures promising very high-throughput systems.

“BLEND-Box is the missing piece of the system integration puzzle that many DDS customers have been dreaming of,” said Angelo Corsaro, PhD, OpenSplice DDS CTO, PrismTech. “This technology greatly simplifies the integration of DDS-based systems with other systems and technologies. In addition to this, BLEND-Box opens-up a new set of scenarios for further exploiting and expanding the use of DDS in enterprise computing as well as in emerging areas such as cloud computing.”

The first version of the Blend-Box will be released in April 2011.

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