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Open Sense Solutions Unveils Revolutionary Computer System That Allows Up to 3 Simultaneous Users

Open Sense Solutions Unveils Revolutionary Computer System That Allows Up to 3 Simultaneous Users

(PRWEB) December 13, 2004

Open Sense Solutions announces it has integrated Linux software and hardware to create Groovix, the world's first multi-user desktop in a single unit offering sound and 3D graphics to each user. By allowing independent keyboards, mice, monitors and speakers, the Groovix system provides up to three simultaneous users with a complete computing experience. The system's multi-user capabilities make it ideal for home or business use.

What does this mean for the consumer? As millions of home-based entrepreneurs can attest, the workload doesn’t disappear the minute the kids hop off the bus at the end of the school day. What often does, however, is computer access. With school assignments demanding more research and word processing, and more people working from home, the demand for family desktop time has never been higher. In the past, one of the few available options was to purchase a separate computer for each user. That, says Michael Pardee, Open Sense Solutions LLC founder, is extremely inefficient. “Separate computers waste space and electricity, create extra noise and heat and are very expensive from a software, hardware and maintenance standpoint.”

Enter Groovix. Groovix systems use Simultaneous Local Independent Multi-User (SLIM) technology to make one computer function as three from a user’s perspective. File sharing, Internet sharing, head-to-head gaming and other applications that traditionally have relied on a computer network are all possible with just one machine.

Groovix’s SLIM technology efficiently shares today’s ultra-fast processors, memory and hard drives to provide exceptional speed to each user at a fraction of the cost of separate systems. Memory can be shared between users since most will be running the same programs, such as the operating system and web browser. Users can run business applications, browse the web and play games at the same time. Groovix systems use open source software, so there is no problem running multiple versions of software at once. “The cost would be huge,” says Michael, “if you tried to do this using traditionally licensed ‘for single-user only’ software. The Groovix system builds on recent advancements in personal computing hardware and Debian GNU/Linux software to create an extremely capable and cost-effective solution for multi-user computing.”

Pardee created Vermont-based Open Sense Solutions LLC in April of 2004 because he saw a need. “The Internet was flooded with the posts of frustrated users trying to set up specific Linux desktop hardware and software. They couldn’t find any major companies integrating the two. I knew I could make Linux more useable for the masses.” The Groovix computer system evolved from this idea. Creating an optimal configuration at a reasonable cost, it will open the extensive possibilities of Linux to more people.

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