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Open Sense Solutions Announces Groovix GK4 Multi-User Public Access Computer

Burlington, VT (PRWEB) April 21, 2005

Open Sense Solutions LLC, creator of the innovative Groovix multi-user desktop system, announces the Groovix GK4, a four-user public access computing system. By accommodating independent monitors, keyboards, and mice, this system allows up to four simultaneous users to browse the Internet or use common office programs, making it among the most economical and efficient public access computers available.

With the GK4, Open Sense Solutions has placed public access systems within reach of small businesses that have typically been unable to justify the high cost, maintenance, noise and space required for traditional computers.

According to Open Sense Solution's founder Michael Pardee, "Computer access creates a space where customers enjoy spending their time productively, giving a business an edge over competitors' waiting rooms full of out-dated magazines and a fish tank. Customers waiting for auto repairs could browse the web. A small deli could instantly become an Internet café. Kiosks in stores could give product information, offer interactive advertising and customer help.”

Libraries and schools, long the sites of public access computers, have watched as the demand for computer availability has increased. What often has not increased, however, are the budgets allocated for this purpose. The arrival of the Groovix GK4 and Open Sense's Simultaneous Local Independent Multi-User (SLIM) technology allow one computer to drive four work stations, yielding extraordinary value. Groovix systems enable these traditional public access locales to provide more for less.

Tom Scanlon, Director of Information Services at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, purchased a Groovix GK4 system to use as a student web browser kiosk. "Initial feedback from the student community has been exceptional," he said. "The performance and capabilities of the system are just what we were looking for. We are using the four-screen system and have had absolutely no problems with performance or response time."

Pardee noted, "Public access computers need to be simple, dependable, and secure, and the Groovix GK4 offers all of these features.” The system is ready to use right out of the box and includes popular open source Linux software like the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The system runs from a customizable read-only DVD, which cannot be corrupted accidentally or maliciously. In addition, the system contains a built-in firewall and content filtering system, providing a high level of security.

About Open Sense Solutions LLC

Open Sense Solutions is committed to offering comprehensive open source hardware and software systems featuring Linux to meet customers’ needs. Groovix computer systems are engineered to ensure total hardware and software capability while offering unique features such as Simultaneous Local Independent Multi-User (SLIM) capability. Open Sense’s goal is to provide their customers with a high quality Linux computer loaded with the latest open source software and guaranteed to work right out of the box.

Media Contact:

Gail Egle

Open Sense Solutions LLC



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