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NewLogic sees growth in market for integration of Bluetooth® in System on Chip (SoC) devices

NewLogic sees growth in market for integration of Bluetooth® in System on Chip (SoC) devices

(PRWEB) September 9, 2004

Commenting on Ericsson’s recent reorganisation of its Bluetooth operations, Hans-Peter Metzler, President and CEO of NewLogic Technologies states “we at NewLogic see a continuously growing market for integration of Bluetooth in System on Chip (SoC) devices and have been very successful in winning new Bluetooth licensees. As stand alone or in combination with our WLAN IP we see strong requirements, especially in the mobile, consumer and automotive market space, for integration of Bluetooth. We therefore are committed to continue supporting our existing and new customers and will invest further in our product line of Bluetooth IP to keep up with new specifications and features.“

The NewLogic BOOST™ Bluetooth baseband processor is designed in a modular way, which enables it to be easily integrated into SoC’s. This has enabled NewLogic to emerge as the No.1 supplier of Bluetooth basebands for SoC designs. The baseband is also designed to be processor independent and whilst most customers integrate it with an ARM CPU, the baseband can also work with other CPU’s and with proprietary processor cores.

NewLogic’s BOOST™ IP family includes the Bluetooth baseband processor, a full Bluetooth software protocol stack and a Bluetooth CMOS radio. These IP elements meet SoC design demands including small size, the ability to be integrated into current and future platforms, and scalability.

”The initial market for Bluetooth IP was mainly to semiconductor companies who wanted fast market entry with standalone Bluetooth IC’s,” commented Chris Eden, Marketing Director, responsible for NewLogic’s Bluetooth IP product range. ”These devices were then used in a range of first generation Bluetooth enabled products. Where these products have successfully entered volume production and for second generation products, manufacturers are cost reducing their bill of materials (BoM) by integrating Bluetooth into the main system ASIC. This approach can also reduce the number of memory devices and provide other performance advantages.”

About NewLogic Technologies

NewLogic is headquartered in Lustenau, Austria, and is a leading global supplier of IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN, Bluetooth intellectual property (IP) cores and other elements for the next generation cellular technology. A significant part of the business is providing analog and digital IC design services where the company has a wide range of expertise, including experience in developing 90nm IC Designs.

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