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New Mini RC Helicopter and Video Camera Cuts Aerial Video Costs Using Infrared Self Leveling Technology

New Mini RC Helicopter and Video Camera Cuts Aerial Video Costs Using Infrared Self Leveling Technology

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (PRWEB) November 9, 2006

Draganfly Innovations introduces the Draganflyer SAVS, a miniature radio controlled electric helicopter with a wireless color video camera. The RC helicopter provides a cost effective alternative to obtaining quality aerial video, which until recently, required renting a full sized helicopter or airplane. The Draganflyer's self leveling feature and anti-vibration camera system, which produces high quality video, makes it a viable alternative to a full sized helicopter.

Aerial video is in demand for purposes such as surveying, real estate marketing, and inspection of hard to reach or dangerous locations. Due to the expense, noise, and scheduling problems associated with a full sized helicopter, aerial video was not always an option. Prior to the Draganflyer SAVS, mounting a video camera on a miniature RC helicopter would result in a shaky video, and would still require hiring a skilled pilot to control it.

The self leveling feature, referred to as Thermal Intelligence (Ti), works by using four infrared sensors which rely on the temperature difference between the sky and ground. Using input from these sensors, the on-board CPU automatically returns the helicopter to level when the control stick is released. It will stay level until the pilot inputs a pitch or roll command. This makes the RC helicopter easy to fly, and makes professional quality aerial video available to everyone at a low cost.

The Draganflyer SAVS helicopter's high quality video is possible because of the anti-vibration video camera mount which isolates the camera from any vibration present in the rest of the helicopter. The onboard wireless 2.4GHz CCD camera transmits live video to a ground base station, and uses advanced circuitry featuring several filters and independent regulated power supplies to preserve the clarity of the video signal. The base station features a Diversity video receiver which dynamically chooses the best signal in real time.

Other technology used in the Draganflyer SAVS includes three piezo-gyros (similar to those used on cruise missiles) which aid in stabilization, lithium-polymer batteries which allow flight times up to 15 minutes, and a rugged carbon fiber and nylon frame. The Draganflyer SAVS weighs in at only 19 ounces and measures 30 inches, and comes completely assembled in a custom built hard case including everything needed to fly.

Inevitably, helicopters crash, but the Draganflyer's carbon-fiber and nylon construction provides excellent durability. The Draganflyer SAVS requires no time-consuming setup. The Draganflyer's sophisticated design eliminates the need for 95% of the parts required by conventional remote control helicopters. A flight simulator and DVD with complete footage of assembly and training are included.

About Draganfly Innovations:

Draganfly Innovations has been manufacturing radio controlled helicopters, airplanes, and airships for eight years. From toys to industrial radio control products for police and military, prices range from $ 29 to $ 10,000. Draganfly's innovative products have been featured on CNN Headline News, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, and in magazines such as Popular Science, New York Times, GQ, Stuff, and Maxim. Retail price of the Draganflyer SAVS RC helicopter including video camera is $ 2499.95 US, plus shipping. Draganflyer helicopters are exclusively available from Draganfly Innovations Inc. For product aerial videos, please click here.


Zenon Dragan, Owner

Draganfly Innovations

2108 St. George Ave. Saskatoon, SK. CANADA S7M 0K7





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