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New Embedded Networking Software from Quadros Systems Delivers Small Footprint and Low Power Operation

Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 14, 2008

Quadros Systems, Inc., a leading provider of real-time operating systems (RTOS) today announced a breakthrough in embedded networking software design with the introduction of RTXC Quark TCP/IP software. Ideally suited to small-footprint, 32-bit systems, the new RTXC Quark software operates at lightning-fast speeds, promising lower power operation and reduced memory requirements. The new TCP/IP stack achieves these dramatic results through a combination of a revolutionary stack architecture and a tight integration with the RTXC Quadros single stack RTOS (RTXC/ss).

RTXC Quark TCP/IP software utilizes a high-speed dataplane architecture to rapidly process TCP, IP and UDP packets with minimal “touching”. The software also takes full advantage of the highly efficient, data-centric design of the RTXC/ss kernel. The result is an RFC-compliant, embedded 10/100 Ethernet solution that directly addresses the memory and power-consumption requirements of 32-bit replacements for 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers. Together, RTXC Quark TCP/IP software and the RTXC/ss RTOS operate in less than 30 KB of ROM and require only minimal RAM per socket. The ultra fast operation also reduces memory requirements because buffers are used quickly and then freed up.

"The significant surge in new low cost 32-bit microcontrollers has defined a clear need for software that can run efficiently in memory-constrained systems with limited or non-existent external bus structures," said Stephen Martin, vice president of sales and marketing for Quadros Systems. "RTXC Quark TCP/IP software aggressively addresses the small footprint challenge and offers the additional benefit of low power operation."

Features include:

    RFC-compliant protocols including IPv4, UDP, TCP, ARP, ICMP, DNS client, DCHP client
    Berkeley Sockets v4.4
    Zero copy

Price and Availability

RTXC Quark TCP/IP software is initially available for selected ARM-powered and ColdFire processors. Royalty-free source code licenses for the combination of RTXC Quark software and RTXC/ss RTOS start at $ 9,900. For more information about RTXC Quark TCP/IP software or other Quadros products, please visit

About RTXC Quadros Single Stack RTOS (RTXC/ss)

RTXC/ss is a multi-threaded, real-time operating system designed for high responsiveness and low overhead. The kernel employs a classic, time-proven design, in which all operations of the kernel and the application use a single memory stack. This design offers incredibly fast operations, often measured in just tens of cycles. With over 70 kernel services, RTXC/ss has the flexibility and richness to tackle the most complex real-time applications, but because of its single-stack design it has a very small ROM footprint and uses a minimal amount of RAM.

About Quadros, Systems, Inc.

Quadros Systems, Inc. develops and markets RTXC technology, bringing together RTOS, hardware and software professionals into one development team to provide innovative technology that maximizes real-time responsiveness and eases the development process for customers. The RTXC RTOS family is complemented by VisualRTXC, an easy-to-use, powerful design tool that allows the developer to rapidly move between design concepts and generated C code. In addition to the RTXC RTOS family, Quadros Systems offers a wide range of communications stacks and middleware including RTXCusb (RTOS-agnostic USB stacks and drivers) and RTXCflashfile (a high performance file system for resident flash devices). RTXC products have been deployed worldwide in millions of embedded systems, serving markets such as communications, medical, and industrial automation. For more information, contact Quadros Systems, Inc. at 832-351-2830, Quadros Systems Europe at +49 (0) 8807-94350 or visit

Media Contact:

Holly Stephenson

Quadros Systems, Inc.

Tel: 832-351-2830 x105

Marketing Contact:

Stephen Martin

Quadros Systems, Inc.

Tel: 781-210-2393


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