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Never Outgrow Your Docking Station or USB Port Replicator Again

(PRWEB) July 20, 2005

For too long, mobile computing users have relied on a proprietary docking station to quickly connect their laptops to a printer, network, external monitor, or other peripherals at the office or home office.

The problem: a proprietary docking station must be replaced each time you upgrade your laptop or notebook PC, an expensive and wasteful proposition. Until now, alternative USB-based port replicators while non-proprietary, haven’t functioned with a Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector. And KVM switch capability - which enables users to share peripherals between two computers such as a notebook and desktop PC - has largely been missing, thus complicating mobile computing tasks at home and the office.

Fortunately, you’ll never outgrow your docking station or port replicator again, thanks to the new UniXpress USB Port Replicator from Addlogix of Irvine, Calif., which offers one-step peripheral hookup, KVM switch capability, and VGA support.

Mobile computing users simply connect peripherals such as VGA display, Ethernet, speakers, and printers to UniXpress, which works on any Windows-based notebook or PC, and these peripherals would interface with the computer via a single USB cable.

Unlike proprietary docking stations, when upgrading to new computers, there is no need to replace UniXpress as long as the new computers are equipped with USB interfaces.

“UniXpress bridges the worlds of VGA, USB, and non-USB computer peripherals to the notebook with a single cable,” says Matthew Chang, Addlogix Marketing Manager. “For the first time, users have KVM capability, can achieve 1280 x 1024 resolution via USB-connection, or even use a third screen without adding a video card.”

With UniXpress’s KVM capability, users can control two computers with a single keyboard/monitor/mouse set and switch peripherals with a single button-push or hot-key combination. This simplifies access to peripherals without requiring tedious multiple cable connections or rebooting the computer to add or remove devices.

Through UniXpress, users can also add a second monitor without installing video graphics cards; for computers that already support dual displays, a third screen can be added. This means that mobile users will have a much larger screen to work with. For example, multiple software applications can be running at the same time without being on top of each other.

In addition, UniXpress’s VGA port provides a benefit normally reserved for high-end video graphics cards – three modes of video support:

1) Extended mode (doubles the workable desktop space, which allows different applications to be running on each screen - a real help to multi-taskers)

2) Primary mode (allows use of a larger desktop monitor in place of the smaller notebook screen)

3) Duplication mode (the same image appears on the notebook and second or third computer monitor)

Comparable to a top [docking station], UniXpress is the only USB-based port replicator that supports video resolution of 1280 x 1024, which provides better visibility on data intensive applications than smaller resolution displays. It is also the only port replicator that supports primary mode, convenient when use of a larger external monitor is preferable to a smaller screen. Its patent pending graphics engine also offers DVD playback on a notebook or desktop PC.

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