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National Cyber Security Founder Launches Computer Activity Cloaking Software To Protect Computer User Privacy

National Cyber Security Founder Launches Computer Activity Cloaking Software To Protect Computer User Privacy

Panama City, Florida (PRWEB) September 10, 2008

National Cyber Security Website Portal Founder Grey McKenzie has taken his stand to protect computer users from malware by releasing a new software product called SpyCop Cloak.

McKenzie claims his new software will render invisible all computer activity from Viruses, Trojans, Bots, Worms, Keyloggers and Spyware just for starters.

"In addition to making credit card entry & password entry invisible to malware,'' says McKenzie, ''SpyCop Cloak includes what we refer to as an 'Internal System Firewall' for your computer."

SpyCop Cloak is able to detect any program on a user's computer that attempts to:

Capture keystrokes from the keyboard,
Capture images from the desktop or active windows,
Monitor or retrieve data from the clipboard,
Access data or images in a window,
Hook applications to retrieve data (i.e. hooking into MSN to steal conversations)
Install global hooks,
Use FindWindow, EnumWindows, EnumProcesses to try to grab window captions or textbox data,
Gain a handle to the foreground window.
When these actions are detected, SpyCop Cloak locks the computer preventing further action until the user either "allows", "denies", "allow always" or "deny always".

By doing so, SpyCop Cloak plays the role of a gatekeeper (at a low driver level) and provides the user the power to "hide" personal data (usernames, passwords, chats, pin numbers, account numbers, documents, etc.) from spying and malicious software that may be resident on their machine.

Similar to how firewalls work, SpyCop Cloak gives you back control of your computer by "allowing" or "denying" certain potentially harmful traffic on/off your computer across the network.

SpyCop Cloak does not attempt to detect, clean, delete or remove any malicious software on a user's computer; it simply provides users with the tools to prevent such malware from ever running on their computers at all.

To download a free 14 day trial copy of SpyCop Cloak

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