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Medallion Touch Screen Computers Available with Python-GTK Support

Medallion Touch Screen Computers Available with Python-GTK Support

Delta, British Columbia, Canada (Vocus) November 3, 2009

One of the largest stumbling blocks to deployment of embedded devices is the learning curve for cross-compiler development environments. Today, Techsol removes that obstacle for fans of the Python language!

Python is an interpreted scripting language, hence no compilers are required. In addition, it is a cross-platform technology, meaning it runs the same on a Pentium-class desktop as on an ARM-powered embedded device.

However, traditional scripting languages have been relegated to data-processing tasks because of a lack of user interface support. That problem has been solved with Python-GTK (AKA PyGTK), which provides the GTK (GIMP Tool Kit) widget toolkit for Python.

Python, with PyGTK, gives the ability to develop GUI (Graphical User Interface) software on any Linux-based PC and run it on any other Linux-based embedded target with GTK.

Techsol’s Medallion Touch Panel Computers (TPCs) provide just this Linux GTK target. Loaded with one of our GPE ( images, the TPC provides a full Linux environment running a GTK GUI on an X (X11) server. Just like your Linux desktop.

With this combination, it is easy to develop a PyGTK application on the desktop, then just copy the “.py” files to the TPC and run them. No cross-compiling or toolchain configuration is required.

This allows for very “rapid prototype” development and greatly eases the initial “proof of concept” stage.


We've simplified the process to these steps:

     1 develop your Python-GTK application on a PC

     2 copy the ".py" file to a USB memory stick

     3 plug the stick into the Medallion Touch Screen Computer

     4 browse to the file and select it

That's it. We've pre-configured Medallion Linux to launch PyGTK and run your app!

Plus, there are samples pre-loaded on the computer so you can test it even before creating any code of your own.


As a special offer to Python programmers, Techsol is offering a reduced cost on the TPC-43A wall-mount computer development kit with Python and demos pre-loaded. By reducing premium support to email support only, Techsol can now enable Python programmers to take advantage of a 30% price break and purchase the development kit for only $ 875 USD. Contact us soon.


Embedded Engineering is the same all over the world. Engineers face the same challenges of having too much to do, and not enough time or money to do it with. Techsol's Medallion CPU modules address this issue and provide a solution that extends into the production stages of a product, not just the proof-of-concept stage like most SBCs.

Techsol's Medallion system is unique in the embedded computer world. Over time, the Medallion Single-Board Computer (SBC) product line will encompass more and more CPUs. However, the pin-out and form-factor remains the same. There will be one Medallion module that is best matched to your application.

By designing with the Medallion system, you are effectively out-sourcing your CPU design and Linux porting with no up-front NRE fees. That lets your team concentrate on the hardware and software portions of your product that your customers see. The result is that you can create a higher-quality product in a fraction of the time (and cost) of designing everything yourself from scratch. Plus, the interchangeable modules extend product life-cycle times.

For more details, or to request further information, please visit our Web site at, call 888 TECHSOL (888 832 4765) or 604 946 8324, or e-mail sales (at) techsol (dot) ca.

Techsol is headquartered in Delta, British Columbia, Canada, where the mighty Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean.


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