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London UK Mayor Ken Livingstone Launches New Initiative to Open up the Online World for London’s Older People

(PRWEB) June 8, 2006

London, UK Mayor Ken Livingstone and computer recycling company Maxitech ( have joined forces with Age Concern London in a new initiative that aims to open up the online world to London's older citizens.

As a part of the project, businesses are encouraged to re-use computers they no longer need, which will be safely wiped, refurbished and distributed to Age Concern centres in the capital.

Further information about the Computers and Older People project and how to participate is available at:

The initiative will see thousands of older people gaining access to computers and training through Age Concern London. The charity will ensure that the computers are given to housebound older people in their communities, with some computers kept at Age Concern drop in centres for older people to use there.

Livingstone said, "Access to a computer - and in particular the Internet - is an increasingly valuable part of every day life, and without it many people will find themselves deprived of many opportunities that others take for granted. This is an important project, which I strongly support, and a fantastic way to enhance the lives of many of London's older citizens."

"These computers will give the older people who receive them the opportunity to communicate with friends and relatives, develop new interests, as well as enabling them to have access to health and advice. This will make such a difference to the lives of many older people who find it hard to get out due to illness, disability or mobility problems, and find everyday tasks such as shopping and banking and even socialising difficult. Helping them to improve their computer skills and giving them access to the internet will give older people, who would otherwise be isolated, the ability to do everyday tasks easily from their own homes," Livingstone continued.

Maxitech Managing Director Peter Paduh, recently voted Young Businessperson of the year by the London Chamber of Commerce and ITV, said, "Society is becoming ever more dependent on computerised technologies, but that creates the problem of outdated equipment. An estimated two million working Pentium or equivalent PCs are dumped in landfill sites in the UK every year, creating a massive environmental hazard. Our priority is to prevent old computers from becoming an environmental liability, and instead turn them into a valuable resource for charities and community groups. We're delighted to be working with the Mayor of London and Age Concern London on this exciting project which I'm sure will engage the enthusiasm of people responsible for IT in companies and organizations across the region."

Notes to editors: is a multi-award-winning, socially and environmentally focused company dedicated to reusing and recycling redundant IT and electronic equipment. Based in London, the company can arrange for the nationwide collection of IT and electronic equipment at low cost. Maxitech's preference is to reuse equipment received, thus prolonging its lifespan, minimising waste and benefiting charities and community groups who receive low-cost or free IT equipment. Maxitech provides more than 100 training opportunities each year for refugees and long-term unemployed people through its Edge Employer Award winning programme, to help them get into full-time employment. For further information visit

Further information about the Computers and Older People project is available at


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