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Learn Well Graphics Releases The Ciphers Series — Graphic Booklets That Help Students Learn About Math and Finance

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) January 8, 2007

Learn Well Graphics has released the first two booklets in The CIPHERS Series. These are short graphic booklets that use colorful drawings and adventure/mystery stories to show students how math and finance are used in their everyday lives.

"The CIPHERS Series presents math, and promotes financial literacy, in a user-friendly format that kids will easily understand," says Richard Keaton, project director of Learn Well Graphics. "These booklets feature a short adventure/mystery story starring some talented teens who show their schoolmates how to use math and finance to help them solve real problems they might face in life. It's kind of like 'Charlie's Angels using practical math.'"

Comic books have been popular with young readers for over 100 years. The CIPHERS Series employs the techniques that are used in comic books to show students what fractions are, how to use percents, what banks do, create a budget, how to manage a checking account and much more. "We anticipate offering 12 new booklets in 2007, each dealing with a different aspect of math or finance," says Keaton.

"If 'poor reading skills' is the number one problem in schools, then 'poor math skills' is a close number two. But in many ways they're connected. If a kid doesn't read well, then it's a lot tougher to really understand math," Keaton explains. The CIPHERS Series is designed to help students practice reading, develop their vocabulary, and learn important math and finance principles all at the same time.

Banks across the country are promoting financial literacy courses in middle schools and high schools. Learn Well Graphics plans to team up with some of these banks and offer The CIPHERS Series under the sponsor's private label. "We will give the banks a very effective way of reaching the students they want to help," says Keaton.

Learn Well Graphics produces a line of multimedia learning programs designed to help middle school students read better and learn faster. To read more about The CIPHERS Series, and other graphics-based learning programs, please visit their website:


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