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Layered Technologies Announces Availability of Industry’s Largest Virtual Private Datacenter

Layered Technologies Announces Availability of Industry's Largest Virtual Private Datacenter

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Frisco, TX (PRWEB) August 8, 2007

Layered Technologies, a leading provider of reliable, affordable, and scalable on-demand, self-managed utility hosting services, today announced the availability of the industry's largest virtual private datacenter (VPDC) - the Super Grid. Controlled with just a browser, the VPDC is comprised of 443 CPUs, 920GB RAM, and 47 terabytes of storage utilizing Intel platforms coupled with 3tera's Applogic software. The VPDC is a cost-effect alternative for enterprises considering building out new facilities or leasing colocation space.

With clients in over 120 countries, Layered Technologies' custom technology solutions allow both large and small customers to rapidly deploy on-demand hosting and utility computing services, providing all the controls of colocation without the start up costs, capital investments, long term contracts and associated challenges. By partnering with Layered Technologies, companies are able to achieve ROI quickly via reduced capital investment, total cost of ownership (TCO), labor reduction, training, and floor space. Layered Technologies can have a company up and running in days versus months.

Recent benchmarking results show that the VPDC can easily scale from 10 servers to more than 100 servers without significant performance issues. "Our testing results make it clear to enterprise customers that they don't have to, or need to, invest in a datacenter full of hard steel technologies," said Jeremy Suo-Anttila, CTO of Layered Technologies. "With the VPDC, users get complete control of their own private grid. Using our visual interface, they set up and assemble disposable virtual infrastructure, including firewalls, load balancers, web servers, database servers, NAS boxes, visually, by pointing and clicking. Users can also add more resources to their grid at any time."

Pricing for the VPDC, the Platinum Package, is $ 3,996 a month with a set up cost of $ 749.The Platinum Package includes:

    4 x Dual Core Opteron 2218 (Total of 8 Cores)
    4 x 8192MB of RAM
    4 x 2 Terabytes of Storage (2 x 1TB drives)
    4 x 100Mbps Uplink Front
    4 x 1000Mpbs Uplink Back
    4 x 8 IP's (Private VLan)
    Applogic Editor Access
    3Tera Control Shell Access
    TGL Custom Template Packs

"Our VPDC is ideal for enterprise customers who want to maintain control and visibility but lose some of the daily hassles and headaches associated with running their own datacenter," said Michael Platner, CEO of Layered Technologies. "As their enterprise grows, we grow with them - incrementally, on demand and without hassle, regardless if it is adding RAM to web servers, storage to the database or CPU to a mail server. We can do it quickly and painlessly with our virtual private datacenter."

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About Layered Technologies

Based in Frisco Texas, Layered Technologies, Inc. is one of the five largest global providers of on-demand hosting and utility computing solutions, providing dedicated, partially managed server hosting solutions primarily for the small and medium-sized enterprise ("SME") market. They provide customers with the highest quality technology, infrastructure and support services that enable them to operate servers at secure Tier III/IV data centers, while saving them the capital and operating costs typically associated with purchasing and maintaining their own servers at co-location facilities. Layered Technologies servers and associated network facilities are used by customers to host a variety of Internet-enabled applications, including content and e-commerce Web sites, software as a service ("SaaS") offerings, online multiplayer games, shared Web site hosting services, and streaming multimedia content distribution and delivery, among other applications.



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