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Keynesis™ Announces the Release of Keynesis Portable Sweeper™ – the World’s First Portable Privacy Protection Software

Keynesis™ Announces the Release of Keynesis Portable Sweeper™ - the World's First Portable Privacy Protection Software

(PRWEB) June 20, 2005

Keynesis Ltd., a leading developer of innovative software solutions for portable devices, announced today the release of Keynesis Portable Sweeper - its new portable privacy software. Keynesis Portable Sweeper is the world's first privacy protection tool specifically designed for users of portable storage devices (such as USB drives and portable hard drives), offering a simple, friendly and intuitive way to remove any traces of private information that may have been otherwise left behind on visited computers.

Today, it is very common for computer users to work on computers that are not their own in hotels, Internet cafés, colleague offices, or client offices. During these visits, many users open documents they brought with them, show presentations, browse the Internet and read mail. The Keynesis Portable Sweeper makes sure no personal, private information is left behind on these visited computers.

Keynesis designed and developed the Portable Sweeper to address two objectives:

1. To provide a simple and intuitive means to remove personal data left on a visited computer.

2. To provide a tool that will help users maintain and clean their own computers at home and in the office.

Portable Sweeper removes and manages Internet private information such as cookies, temporary files, visited site history, address bar. It also cleans the computer system data such as search history, recent docs history, scandisk files, clipboard memory, temporary files directory, download program files directory, recycle bin, start/run history, swap file and recent network drives.

Portable Sweeper is fast and extremely easy to use. It provides users with a very friendly and intuitive interface, allowing them to define several cleaning profiles to meet various needs on different computers. Portable Sweeper, just like the Keynesis Lockngo security software line of products for removable drives, resides on the portable drive and runs directly from it with no software installation, thus allowing users to run it on any computer to which the portable drive is plugged. If you are traveling with your portable media and using computers which are not your own - be sure to take Keynesis Portable Sweeper with you. Run it just after you finish working on the computer to ensure that you do not leave any personal data behind.

Keynesis is an innovative company focused on commercializing smart, friendly and intuitive products for the highly-demanding and fast-growing market of portable devices. Keynesis executes an aggressive marketing approach supported by rapid development of new products for the portable device market.

"The release of Keynesis Portable Sweeper marks an important landmark in fulfilling our corporate vision. Following the success of Lockngo™ and Lockngo Professional, this is the first of a number of new and innovative tools that deliver unique value to users of portable media. Together with Lockngo, they provide a complete privacy and security suite." says Gilad Barak, the Business Development Manager of Keynesis.

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