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International Stunt Training Clinic Sponsored by Women in Film Las Vegas

International Stunt Training Clinic Sponsored by Women in Film Las Vegas

(PRWEB) July 25, 2005

Executive Producer Tara Clark and Producer Phyllis Casare-Taie have announced a Women in Film Las Vegas International Stunt Training Clinic to be held from Aug. 26-28. The Clinic is made possible by donations from General Motors and Red Bull with DreamVision International donating space at their Las Vegas studio facility. The International Stunt Clinic has been the subject of a BBC documentary and has received international recognition. For the first time, it will be hosted in downtown Las Vegas.

Highly acclaimed professional stunt coordinators Dennis Madalone, Chuck Borden, Spice Williams and Suzanne Rampe will give participants “hands on” experience in instruction in air ram, high falls, weapons, fights and falls, and fire burns. The combined expertise in stunt training, with the accumulation of more than 400 films and 60 years of experience in stunt coordination, has made this one of the outstanding stunt training teams in the country.

Dennis Madalone holds the world record for air ram. For 14 years he was stunt coordinator at Paramount Studios for Star Trek's “The Next Generation,” “Voyager,” and "Deep Space Nine." His expertise was used on “Quincy,” “Murder She Wrote,” the Jay Leno show and several feature length films.

At the Clinic, Chuck Borden will specialilze in high falls. With more than 300 films to his credit, and 14 years at Paramount, he holds the world record in high falls and is considered one of the top 10 stunt coordinators in the country. He frequently doubles as Val Kilmer and Liam Neeson. Specific credits include “Independence Day”, “Scream 3”, “and “Eraser.”.

Most recently stunt coordinator Spice Williams battled Hilary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby”. She is a well-known "Klingon" with the Star Trek series and has created stunts for “Spider-Man,” “Batman and Robin,” and “Crossing Jordan.” She will be giving clinic training instruction on weapons, fights and falls.

Suzanne Rampe will be the spotlight instructor for the fire burn segment of the clinic. In addition to being a qualified stunt coordinator, her credits include “Tales from the Crypt”, “Red Sun Rising”, and “Repossessed”.

As part of their on-going commitment to the best training for both newcomers to the industry and long-time professionals, WIF Las Vegas is sponsoring a nationwide industry mixer on the 26th of August which will be held in conjunction with the opening of the International Stunt Training Clinic. The mixer will give film makers an opportunity to meet both local and national business owners whose businesses reflect the ongoing changes in the film industry and will present local and national opportunities of interest to attendees.

WIF Las Vegas has arranged discount hotel room rates for attendees at both functions. Information is available at WIF Las Vegas at the number listed below.

Any parties interested in showcasing their company at WIF Las Vegas’ nationwide mixer and/or attending the International Stunt Training Clinic or attending the nationwide mixer should call WIF Las Vegas at 702-737-7337 or check online at for more information.


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