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INetU Managed Hosting Debuts New Intel Processors

Allentown, PA (PRWEB) November 14, 2006

INetU Managed Hosting now offers Intel® Core™ 2 Duo and Xeon Woodcrest Processor Technology in their managed dedicated server line. The newly released processors outperform the old Pentium D and Xeon Dempsey family processors currently used in the hosting industry. The Core™ 2 Duo and Xeon Woodcrest CPUs are at the heart of Intel's most advanced computing technologies. (See

Intel® Core™2 Duo processors feature Intel® Core™ microarchitecture, a revolutionary blueprint that takes processors and products to extraordinary levels of performance and efficiency. Just as the Core 2 Duo processors are an upgrade from the Pentium D series, Intel's new Xeon Woodcrest processor class brings increased performance and efficiency over the Xeon Dempsey family.

"We are continuously improving our service offerings to provide businesses around the globe with the best managed hosting solutions," said Dev Chanchani, President of INetU. "We make sure we are using best-of-breed hardware to provide our clients with a framework for success that includes a reliable hosting network, an expert technical support staff and consultative professional services."

Two main benefits to using the new processors are:

·    Advanced Smart Cache

The Advanced Smart Cache increases the processor's efficiency. It ensures that each core can access data from the L2 cache, which reduces latency to frequently used data and increases overall performance. Since the CPU is using a shared caching system, data is stored more efficiently; all data has two plausible entry points.

·    1066 MHz Front Side Bus

The 1066 MHz Front Side Bus allows for a more efficient transferring of data throughout the CPU. The larger Front Side Bus moves more information at a quicker speed.

INetU manages hundreds of Internet servers belonging to customers focused on doing business over the Web and works to ensure that each client's Web servers are running smoothly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. INetU's clients include recognizable names such as Microsoft, Infosys, Raymond James Financial, DreamWorks SKG, Sure Fit, Harriet Carter, KidsPeace and Writing.Com.

About INetU Managed Hosting

INetU (pronounced I Net You) is a Managed Hosting Provider located in Allentown, PA, USA. See Dedicated to building long-term relationships with its clients, it has won service awards from every major Web hosting portal on the Internet. INetU works with all of the popular Web applications and operates Web sites that require anywhere from a single server to highly visited ones that utilize many servers working in unison for maximum performance.


Jenn Terfinko, 610-266-7441,

Marketing Project Manager

INetU Managed Hosting

Editor's Note: Dev Chanchani is available for interview.


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