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Helium Systems Surpasses 300,000 FIX Messages per Second with TradePVR 2.0

Valencia, CA (PRWEB) October 8, 2007

Helium Systems LLC (, the innovative developer of non-invasive trading connectivity monitoring solutions, announced the release of TradePVR Version 2.0 today. The release adds extended SNMP notifications, Endace DAG support, and a new real-time processing pipeline to harness the power of an 8-CPU core hardware platform. The TradePVR network appliance uses full-packet capture and layer-7 inspection to provide IT management and support staff with real-time intelligence and archival of their trading infrastructure. The release builds on the existing support for application-level latency monitoring, intra-hop order tracking, and intuitive web interface.

Benchmark testing showed that the new TradePVR 2.0 can sustain the parsing of an impressive 300,000 FIX order messages per second, while simultaneously separating, archiving, and indexing each session to internal RAID 5 storage. Archival to disk was measured at a sustained 800 Mbps. Multiple TradePVR appliances can be deployed to scale linearly to meet network demands that would surpass the limitations of a single device.

Alex Malone, President of Helium Systems, said of the release "Most of the features of this release are in direct response to the evolving needs of our customers. The increased attention to performance, data integrity, and automation pushes the product to a very high level. While it's challenging to have a product that caters to the many different roles of connectivity support, networking, development, and IT management, the combined feedback and insight helps make the product an increasingly valuable asset for trading firms."

The new real-time processing pipeline provides an extensible architecture for a wide array of non-invasive monitoring, analysis, and complex event processing (CEP) applications. Examples of custom modules include non-invasive profit and loss, proprietary protocol support, and integration with existing applications.

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