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Gnomedex 5: Producing, Consuming, & Monetizing Technology

Gnomedex 5: Producing, Consuming, & Monetizing Technology

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 28, 2005

Every tech company dreams of meeting industry influencers face to face, and Lockergnome is bringing a few of them to Seattle for the fifth annual Gnomedex - a conference for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. This year's theme: Producing, Consuming, & Monetizing Technology.

"The word 'blog' isn't so confusing when you realize it can add to your business' bottom line," says Chris Pirillo, Gnomedex director and long-time technology evangelist. "We wanted to bring it to Seattle because we really see this city as the next Silicon Valley."

Gnomedex will demystify RSS, blogging, podcasting, and BitTorrent - providing ideas and contacts to businesses who are still finding these terms difficult to grasp.

This year’s keynote speaker is Adam Curry, who has been one of the heaviest online media influencers over the past year. Past speakers have included John C. Dvorak, Tim O'Reilly, cmdrtaco of Slashdot, Dan Gillmor, Evan Williams, Pud Kaplan, Doc Searls, Robert Scoble, Wil Wheaton, Jim Louderback, Steve Gillmor, Jason Calacanis, and Steve "Woz" Wozniak.

The weekend-long event will be taking place at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center from June 23-25, 2005. Both Wi-Fi and power strips will be provided to attendees, two items that are essential for the success of any technology conference. For more information and online registration, please visit


Chris Pirillo, Gnomedex Director



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