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G-NET Releases New Car PC and Nav Video Modules

G-NET Releases New Car PC and Nav Video Modules

Guelph, ON (PRWEB) March 23, 2007

G-NET Incorporated, a leader in vehicle mounted computer and OEM vehicle integration technology, has announced the official release of the latest version of their G-NET Car PC today as well as an updated line of Nav Video interfaces.

“The new G-NET Car PC, now in its third product revision, represents a significant advancement in car computer technology,” says Shawn Gusz, CEO of G-NET Inc. “The new platform features a 1.5ghz processor, which is 50% faster than its predecessor, and it also includes higher speed DDR2 ram and a 5400rpm mobile hard drive, giving the new G-NET Car PC a lot more multimedia and multitasking capabilities.”

Significant improvements and cost reduction in embedded computer technology is making car pc solutions more viable for the average user. The benefits of having a full blown Windows XP based computer in a car are obvious. Not only can you play all types of digital audio and video, but you can also surf the internet, send e-mail, diagnose vehicle related problems and take advantage of advanced PC based GPS navigation software, not to mention use all of your home and office applications from the comfort of your driver's seat. “We see car computer applications growing steadily over the next three years, both in the public service and consumer markets,” says Gusz. “Our big advantage is that we provide a complete hardware and software package that makes using a computer system practical in an automotive environment.”

According to G-NET, Digital Dash 5 is a big part of the G-NET Car PC package. Digital Dash is a car pc software front-end that features an integrated audio player, video player, DVD player, web browser, vehicle diagnostics utility, satellite radio module and other items that will regularly be used in a mobile environment. The software loads with the Windows operating system and makes using the car pc while in motion more efficient and much safer.

In addition to its newly revised G-NET Car PC, the company has also announced the release of the latest version of its GMUNLOCK device, which is an override module for the navigation systems on GMC, Chevrolet and Cadillac full size SUV’s. The GMUNLOCK allows the DVD player and navigation input features to be used while the vehicle is in motion and also adds support for the connection of an aftermarket backup camera. G-NET has also added new nav tv video input interfaces for the Porsche 911 / 997, Mercedes Benz W164 vehicles and the BMW 3, 5, 6 and 7 series.

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