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FyberSearch Now Offers Graphical Advertising on Search Results

Burien, WA (PRWEB) March 2, 2005

FyberSearch now allows graphical advertisements to be displayed on search result pages under search queries selected by the advertiser.

Graphical advertising provides business with the opportunity to brand their business in a way that text ads do not. Some companies care more about getting their name and logo out to users than how many clicks they receive. This is why FyberSearch now provides these companies with a highly targeted graphical advertising solution on search result pages.

There are a few requirements that each image must meet before it is accepted. The smallest image that can be used is 88x20 and the largest is 468x60. To save the advertiser's bandwidth the image is copied to FyberSearch servers. Therefore, the maximum disk space any image can take up is 12 kilobytes.

Anyone can begin advertising their website by visiting Just like text ads, graphical advertisements are instantly setup. FyberSearch checks the graphical ads in real time and informs the advertiser of any errors on the spot. After the setup process is complete, the ad will begin appearing on FyberSearch web search results.

About FyberSearch

FyberSearch is a search engine technology company founded by 18 year old Nathan Enns in November 2003. Now 19, Nathan continues to be the sole owner of the business. FyberSearch’s mission is "To make the entire web useful to each individual by providing them with the control they need to receive the results they desire." FyberSearch offers many advanced features that users can easily modify until they find the information they are looking for.


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