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Forensics Expert Publishes ?Cyber Lies?, a Book that Reveals How to Analyze a Computer to Catch Unfaithful Spouses

Forensics Expert Publishes “Cyber Lies”, a Book that Reveals How to Analyze a Computer to Catch Unfaithful Spouses

Caldwell, NJ (PRWEB) August 15, 2006

Marriages today face temptations unheard of fifty years ago. Now suspicious spouses have a tool to investigate their mates and uncover nearly every text and graphic file on computers and cell phones, even those a sly man or woman would swear they had deleted.

John Paul Lucich, a computer forensics expert with a background that includes over seventeen years in law enforcement plus working undercover for the U.S. government and testifying before Congress, has written "Cyber Lies: When Finding the Truth Matters" (now available at all bookstores and online at to teach readers how to take a proactive role in determining if their suspicions are real or imagined.

Infidelity has increased dramatically over the past decade due to the advancements in technology, which provides easy access to temptations, sometimes right under the noses of their unsuspecting mates.

There may be legal considerations, however, in deciding to sneak one’s way into someone else’s computer, even if that someone else promised to love, honor and cherish you forever.

Lucich recommends obtaining a go-ahead from one’s attorney before undertaking computer forensics. He also offers the following advice in order to proceed discreetly:

Have your attorney/expert call you on your cell phone.

Don’t have any products or correspondence mailed to your home.

Use a document shredder.

Never do research on a computer that is kept in the home.

Delete cell phone messages and incoming call logs ASAP.

Use a land-line for outgoing calls.

Do not pay for software utilities or hardware with a credit card.

If your spouse moves out, then have him/her removed from all cell phone and credit card accounts, or open new accounts.

Ensure you will be alone when performing computer forensics, and never store potential evidence at home.

Change your passwords for all voice mail and email accounts.

After checking with your lawyer, delete e-mail accounts and messages that you no longer need.

Lucich takes complex information and turns it into easy to understand terms enabling non-technical people to perform computer forensics. "Cyber Lies: When Finding the Truth Matters" can be found at all major bookstores or online at


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