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Donate to Charity by Leaving Your Computer Turned On

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) February 19, 2009 has launched a new concept in charity donations. Users can now give to the charity of their choice simply by keeping a web page open or by running a small application in the background. The DonateBot system uses absolutely no annoying popups, adware or spyware. Most users will not even realize that they are running DonateBot, but the donations they make are still very real.

A single computer using DonateBot can donate more than 1000 grains of wheat, 1000 ounces of water, 1000 minutes of education or 1000 square inches of rainforest every day. While DonateBot is running, a display tells visitors how much they have donated so far.

"Many computers sit idle for hours or days at a time. DonateBot lets you share this unused processing power with organizations that need to solve complicated problems, such as analyzing the galaxies or performing mathematical calculations," said Tom Bak, Creator of DonateBot. "In exchange for a little CPU processing power, you can donate to your favorite charity."

The DonateBot web page is the easiest way to donate to charity. Simply by opening a web page, users will give to the charity of their choice. Users are free to minimize the page while the donations continue to accumulate. For every minute the page is left open, one ounce of water, one grain of wheat, one minute of education or one square inch of rainforest land will be donated on their behalf.

There is also an application that users can install to maximize their charity donations. The DonateBot program is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Users can specify additional options such as how quickly they want to donate to their selected charity. The Windows and Linux versions can also detect when the computer has not been used for a while, automatically boosting the donation rate.

DonateBot lets users choose from four charities to help. Visitors may decide to donate clean water to communities living in extreme poverty (Charity: Water), give food to malnourished children and families (CARE), provide school education for children around the world (The Oaktree Foundation), or help protect the world's rainforests (The Nature Conservancy).

About is a new initiative to help raise money for charity. Users can donate water, food, education or rainforest land by running a small application or by visiting a web page. The DonateBot team has previously released, an online word game that gives to charity for every correct answer.


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