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Centerfield’s Delta/TRACKER Toolset Given Focused Functionality For Oneworld/Enterpriseone, JDE World Software, SSA GT BPCS, And Mapics Applications – Five New ‘Sox’ Reporting Features Also Added

Rochester, MN (PRWEB) December 10, 2004

Today Centerfield Technology, Inc. announces new functionality and features to their iSeries toolset, delta/TRACKER, including five SOX-compliant reporting options.

Configured as a plug-in to iSeries Operations Navigator, delta/TRACKER now has 41 distinct data collection/reporting features that are both customizable and actionable. Customers can buy one or all of the existing 41 reporting features. A few examples of reporting available today are for Unused Indexes, Indexes Created Over Time, Change in Elapsed Time for Jobs, CPU Used Between Two Dates, System CPU vs. Interactive CPU and Disk Space Used per ASP with an additional series of reports specifically designed to help users comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) that include:

Failed sign-on attempts

New profiles over a time period

Unused user profiles

Users with special authority

Changes in special authority

A special configuration feature has also been added to delta/TRACKER enabling users to focus all collection/reporting features on either OneWorld/EnterpriseOne, World, SSA GT BPCS, or MAPICS, giving IT managers and administrators both ‘global’ as well as application-specific functionality/value. And, users may request that new application-specific reporting features be added to their license without ANY development cost.

“The app-specific configuration options simply weed out less important information”, says Centerfield’s lead developer Igor Seremet. “The application configuration command within delta/TRACKER provides a one-command way to configure delta/TRACKER for OneWorld/EnterpriseOne, World, SSA GT BPCS, or MAPICS. The command searches for the data libraries within these applications and registers them to delta/TRACKER. As a result, the data collection will be focused on those applications right after the installation. If the user wishes to configure other applications, they can manually configure those application data libraries as well”.

Seremet also added; “The real benefit of this application-focus functionality is that it directly supports the job responsibility of the user, by filtering out operating/performance data that is unrelated to their day-to-day responsibility for strategic application management.”

Centerfield Technology offers delta/TRACKER on a subscription basis. Users can select and buy only the reporting they need, and may also request additional, custom (application or operating-specific) reports – greatly increasing the value of their license. And, no added development fees are required to upgrade the toolset with custom reporting. So, with the flexibility to select and add new reporting features, and a limited time offer to license and use delta/TRACKER enabled with any one reporting feature free, for a full year, delta/TRACKER offers both productivity and job security at affordable price.

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Jenniefer Halverson

507.287.8119 ext.101

1312 1/2 Seventh Street NW

Rochester, Minnesota USA 55901


Centerfield Technology is an IBM All-Star Business Partner, a member of IBM's iSeries Tools Network, and the only source for 'ServerProven' iSeries tools capable of insuring resource availability.


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