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BSI July Special Promotions

(PRWEB) July 14, 2005

Broadax Systems Inc. is the manufacture of many different portable and industrial computer. Their current promotion consists of three Portable units. These units are backed up with Broadax limited one-year parts and labor warranty. Whether your looking for an upgrade to your existing unit or a new purchase, you can’t go wrong with BSI.

Field Go M5 (Backplane)

Currently on the Passive 8 or 10 slots Backplane version of the Field Go M5, BSI is offering free upgrades for Memory and Hard Drives. The standard is 128 Megabytes of RAM and a 40 Gigabyte Hard Drive. With the Free promotional upgrade you can have 512 Megabytes of RAM and a 200 Gigabyte Hard Drive. This portable unit comes with your choice of CPU ranging from a Pentium III Tualatin 1.26GHz to a Pentium 4 3.2GHz. There are numerous Single Board Computers to choose from depending on your preference. This unit accommodates a 14.1” LCD Panel with built-in conversion board and a 24X slime-type CD-Rom that can be upgraded to a DVD-RW. You also have your choice of Backplane, either an 8 or 10 slots, depending on what your needs are.

The Field Go M5 is a rugged and portable unit that can be used in just about any climate. With the corners guarded with rubber bumpers, its spill resistant Rubber Membrane Keyboard and small size this unit is at home outdoors as in a testing facility. If you have ever thought of purchasing a Field Go M5 now is a good time. This offer is valid until July 22, 2005

Field Go N9

Presently the Field Go N9 is also included in our July Promotion. The price was $ 1,900 for a complete unit, but now it has been reduced to $ 1,710. That’s a savings of $ 190, which you can use to purchase extra peripherals, extended warranties or just save. The Field Go N9 comes standard with a Pentium III CPU but can be outfitted with a Pentium 4. There are also many Motherboards to choose from, ranging from Asus to Intel, each offer different functions and slots. A 40-gigabyte Hard Drive and a 128 Megabytes of Ram are standard. The Field Go N9 is equipped with a 13.3” TFT LCD Panel that is upgradeable to a 15.1” LCD.

The Field Go N9 is a complete portable unit constructed of an ABS plastic outer shell and consists of a detachable keyboard; touch pad-pointing device and stereo speakers. Also included with every Field Go N9 is a Carrying Bag. The Field Go N9 is a great system to use when a notebook is just not sufficient. With the field Go N9 you can install components you would on a desktop and still have the portability. The low promotional price of the Field Go is valid until July 22 2005


The LCD-T8 is also at a low promotional price. Regularly a complete system retails at $ 2,730 for the Passive Backplane version and $ 2,495 for the Motherboard Version. Currently the price for the Passive Backplane version is $ 2,530 and for the Motherboard $ 2,295, that’s a savings of $ 200. The LCD-T8 comes standard with a Pentium III but can accommodate a Pentium 4. There are many different models of Motherboards and Backplanes to choose from depending on what type of configurations you need. Standard is a 40-gigabyte Hard Drive, 128 megabytes of Ram and a 15.1” LCD. The LCD-T8 can also be upgraded with the latest and greatest technology like DVD-RW and is compatible with numerous operating systems.

The LCD-T8 is a portable computer that has a scratch resistant outer shell and includes a detachable keyboard with pointing device and speakers. Its carrying bag and top mounted handle ensures the units portability and function. The low price of the LCD-T8 is valid until July 22, 2005

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to place your order contact the Sales Department at

Broadax Systems Inc.

17539 E. Rowland St.

City of Industry, Ca 91748

(800) 872-4547

(626) 964-2665 fax

Special promotions are valid until July 22, 2005


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